Who’s that Pokemon?

who's that pokemon

It’s! Mewthree, Mewten, Twomew? MEWWHO? Just know when we all find out say… ohhh whomew?

Who is this new Pokemon that popped up? As you might recall from the original titles released in 1998 Mewtwo was the rarest of Pokemon at the time. Of course aside for the original Mew which could only be caught with a cheating device. If you want to catch Mew a more legitimate way you could check this video out.  Yep only 2 badges and some handy pokeballs are needed to catch a Level 7 Mew in Pokemon Red or Blue.

[youtube id=”JkF7Xjxn9jc” width=”600″ height=”350″]

All nostalgia aside the new Pokemon revealed around the world on April 8th has the world buzzing about who this mysterious Pokemon is. The first ever 3D Pokemon adventure is slated to release this October and this MewTwo look a like will be in it. Unlike games in the past this new game will have letters in the title… Pokemon X and Pokemon Y.

mew who?

Could this be a play on the title Pokemon X and Y? X chromosome and Y chromosome? If so could this new Pokemon be a genetically altered female version of Mewtwo? Seeing as the tail is replaced on it’s head it seems quite feasible. Mind you that this being an evolution for Mewtwo isn’t really plausible since Mewtwo was genetically altered and well can’t evolve unless some sort of new stone allows it. Having this be an evolution of Mew would make Mewtwo’s legendary status dwindle. So is it a new Mew… Mewtwo or an entirely new Pokemon all together?

Of course all speculation aside we will have to wait and see what this creature is. Until then why don’t we check out this new Mew in action!

[youtube id=”l1jAJ5q2ItQ” width=”600″ height=”350″]

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