Holiday 2013 is Exactly What the Wii U has Been Waiting for to Fully Succeed

It is no secret that the Wii U has been a little less of a success than what was expected. People were hoping that Nintendo was going to step up their game and make something for the gamers instead of a casual audience and as of now we have seen little difference in the Wii U to the Wii. The Wii U is finally competing with current-gen consoles and players are probably thinking that it will get squashed in the next-gen battle. It is unfortunate how something that was once so well loved by gamers is becoming an un-cool has been console. The Wii U had shown some great potential but nothing was appealing enough to make every type of player jump on board and want to play. More people are waiting for the announcement for the next-gen Xbox or saving up some money to get their hands on a PS4 then paying any attention to what Nintendo already has sitting on the market.

Recently Walmart had let out some golden information for what Nintendo has releasing during the Holiday season of 2013. If you haven’t heard already this Holiday season (Q4) Nintendo has games like Mario Kart Wii U, Zelda 2 RPG Wii U, Fire Emblem Wii U, Super Smash Bros. Wii U and Mario 3D Wii U set to hit the shelves. More information about these releases can be found here. Although the Quarter 4 release dates aren’t set in stone yet they were definitely exciting to have been mentioned again. With that being said having Walmart out these Nintendo semi-secrets gave players a realization on how Nintendo exactly plans on taking out its next-gen competitors.

Zelda 2 RPG

Players have been begging Nintendo to make releases like these for years and with the Wii U finally jumping on the opportunity to get a hold of some much needed 3rd party titles it will have a decent standing against a next generation Xbox as well as the PS4. What gaming really come down to is the fact that gamers love games. The Wii did not give gamers the games they wanted. Nintendo fans were left wishing for a Zelda RPG and another 3D Mario game but what they were given was never that. Now that Nintendo has a reason to need to compete it is apparently stepping up its game and planning on doing just that. Nintendo has always had an edge over its competition with its beloved characters and desired and awaited for exclusives and that seems to be what’s coming for the company.

While the PS4 and most likely the next-gen Xbox will be destroying each other with why their new console is the best the Wii U will be sitting pretty knowing that the players know what their console is all about. Nintendo will be attempting to steal the spotlight with games that players have only dreamed of for so many years while the other two are flapping their lips about why their actual hardware is better. So many people called Nintendo stupid for mistakes with the Wii U but now that the console war has nearly fully started it is completely clear as to why Nintendo went the rout they did. They have something golden up their sleeve and they are prepared to use it when the times right.

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