The Mega Man X Reboot that became Scrap Metal

Mega Man X

Armature Studios was created by former Retro Studios developers that helped with the re-imagining of Ninteno’s Metroid. Metroid Prime went on to put Retro Studios on the map and helped Nintendo push Gamecube consoles in the early 2000’s. Ironically Capcom looked to try and catch lighting in a bottle twice asking Armature Studios to reboot Mega Man X.

Enter Mega Man Maverick Hunter, which is a very different title than previous installments. The game is rendered as a more realistic visual style rather than the cartoon world gamers have adored since the SNES days. The title is based on Mega Man X series which was famous for moving the original series forward by having a number of new power ups and suit upgrades and an edgier story. Maverick Hunter looked to do the same with a new iterations of the famed upgrades of previous titles and new ones to boot.

As you can see the game would have been much like that of Metroid Prime with a first person perspective, with the hud being from the blue bombers helmet. Even though the visual and art style leave much to be desired. The screens are the result of six months of development until a wise decision was made by Capcom to turn the project into scrap metal. While this wasn’t a finished product, fans would have been very distraught over the reboot much like how they were when the DmC reboot was revealed.

What are your thoughts on this title? Armature Studios was revealed today to be developing the new Batman Arkham: Origins Blackgate title coming out this October for PS Vita and 3DS. Just don’t expect it to be a first person shooter.

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