You Know youre a Playstation Fan When…

You know youre a PlayStation fan when…

There are just times in everyday life that you know that you have your ‘PlayStation showing’. If you’re a fan of Sony and their always hot gaming consoles, it’s hard to hide the love you have for PlayStation. Because we are so familiar with how it feels to be at complete awe with our gaming consoles we thought we would put together an article about things only a true PlayStation fan could relate to and respect. When you live your daily life with a controller in your hand or feel a smile form across your lips when you hear news about the PlayStation 4, you know you’re a PlayStation fan. When your pets name is Sackboy or you have a replica of Kratos’ Chaos Blades, you know you’re a PlayStation fan. What are a few other circumstances where not only you know you’re a Playstation fan but the world around you sees how obvious it is?

You know youre a PlayStation fan when…

You know Sony appeals to a hardcore audience before a casual crowd.

You place yourself ahead of gamers with other console preferences because of the great PS3 exclusives.

You know there is nothing wrong with Little Big Planet Karting or PS All-Stars Battle Royal; these games were made for you.

Just hearing the term 2013 gets you excited for what’s next for PlayStation.

If you could be/ be with any video game character it would be Nathan Drake.

You have made at least one comment to another person about not having to pay for online gaming.

You never once thought about actually buying a Blu-ray player… you already had one.

You think twice before eating off of an ice cream truck… if he would kill his own flesh and blood who knows what Needles will do to you.

When you used to feel like an outcast who never filled up the trophy shelf with real in hand trophies; you have no need to feel sad anymore because all your trophies are virtual and they mean just as much to you as a real one.

You understand that gaming could be more than just about killing with games like Journey and The Unfinished Swan.

It could be fun drawing shapes with a 3 year old as long as they know how to draw a circle, square, triangle and ‘X’… and as long as those shapes are drawn in the right shape…

It would make your life if a new Crash Bandicoot was announced.

We say we love that PlayStation sound and you just envisioned the sound we were thinking of.

You feel that you understand game like Tomb Raider, Hitman and Metal Gear better than others; it was yours first.

You have the Vita. It is the most powerful handheld system and you own one.

You held your breath for more than 5 seconds after you saw the end of The Last of Us live demo being shown off during the press conference for E3 2012. One word, shotgun!

You are an owner of PlayStation plus. That membership is totally worth it with the freebies and discounts you get. It almost feels like your stealing.

Heavy Rain convinced you to learn how to make origami, not because you had anything in common with the killer but just so you could imitate the loading screen in real life… totally not weird.

Someone asks you who your favorite explorer is and you answer Nathan Drake.

You think GoW stands for God of War which is one of the greatest games in the world.

We know a lot of our viewers are big PlayStation fans out there and we would love it if you would like to add to our light hearted pro PlayStation post by leaving a comment in the box below!

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