ChronoBlade Beta Key Giveaway

What is ChronoBlade?

ChronoBlade is an Action-RPG currently in the beta stage of testing from nWay Games. The game is being developed by some talented people from across the gaming industry that has worked on titles such as Killer Instinct, Grand Theft Auto, Diablo II, Dante’s Inferno, Dead Space 2, and more! Looking to bring games to a Free-To-Play audience without the need of plug-ins or proprietary software while bringing a 3D game to your browser or mobile device.

Interested? Don’t forget to check out how to enter below as well as take a peek at the official announcement trailer and some screens courtesy of nWay! Also don’t forget to check out more info at ChronoBlade’s official website.

Pick between two characters Aurok and Lophi to bring down the Chronarch Imperium who is bringing chaos across the multiverse. Both characters will have a sophisticated skill tree allowing gamers to pick from 30+ attacks and skills. After the initial launch of the game more characters will be added to bring balance to the ChronoBlade universe.

How to Enter

Good news folks the first 200 people to comment below on why they are excited to try out ChronoBlade will be receiving a ChronoBlade beta key. Make sure you enter your email correctly as we will be contacting you via email as soon as we see your comment. Also we will be giving away 25 codes via our Facebook Page and 25 codes on our Twitter Account to allow all of our fans to participate on the giveaway! Keep in mind everything that you have acquired during the beta testing WILL roll over when the game is officially launched!

UPDATE: We are sending out codes to all of you who have commented if you haven’t received a code please check your junk mail!  Thanks again! More codes are still available so keep the comments coming!  

P.S. Don’t forget to tell your friends!  Thanks again!


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