Smartphone Games for Every Kind of Gamer

Whatever opinions you may hold about Apple or Android, it’s impossible for anyone to make the claim that either are lacking the area of gaming. There’s a game for every mood, occasion, and for every type of gamer.

No matter your taste and preference, you’ll find something on your phone to hold you over while waiting five hours at the doctor’s office.

The Call of Duty Fan

You’re at every midnight launch. You wear dog tags to work, and you’ve never even been in the military. You know that “teabagging” doesn’t involve tea bags at all.

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour


You can finally shoot people on the bus without going to jail

iOS / Android

Gameloft is mainly known for creating games very similar to other, more established brands, and this game continues that trend. That’s not to say it’s a bad game, however, it’s just that if you’ve played Call of Duty you’ve essentially played this game as well. For many, that’s not a bad thing. The graphics are crisp and smooth while playing on your retina display, the game play is tight and polished, and the multiplayer is fast and frenzied. Playing this shooter is like coming back to an old friend, if your friend helped you shoot terrorists in the face.

The Masochist

You’ve beaten every game you own on the hardest difficulty possible. You ate Dark Souls for breakfast.

Super Hexagon


iOS / Android

There’s hard, and then there’s Super Hexagon. The premise is simple: Survive. You’re a little triangle with giant lines and shapes constantly moving towards you, all with the promise of crushing your little triangle into an even smaller one.  This game demands patience, fast reflexes, more patience, and nerves of steel. Hard to learn, and even harder to master.

The Casual Gamer

Angry Birds is your jam, and you still think that Zelda is the name of the green elf thing with a sword.

Ridiculous Fishing



It’s hard to fully describe the awesomeness of this game without actually playing it, but here goes: You avoid fish on the way down, catch them on the way up, and shoot them with a plethora of weapons while they’re in the air. Featuring a wide array of items and tons of replayability, this is one game that is easy to learn and fun for everyone.

The Sim Fan

You’ve spent dozens of hours planning where your sanitation department should go, and you’ve definitely never named your Mayor and City “Billy Joel “ and “Allentown.“

Megacity HD


Word to the wise, people don’t like jails next to their schools


Note – Megacity HD is also available for Android, but is exclusive to the Xperia Play

Imagine if SimCity and Bejeweled had a baby, the baby was raised by a light RPG and went to school at Addicting Academy, and what you’d have is Megacity HD. It takes a great deal of thought and planning to get the highest score, while also not getting too bogged down in details, so it’s easy to pick up and play when you have the time.

The Platformer

Jumping is like second nature. Ratchet and Clank are your kid’s godparents.  You know Mario’s last name.

Rayman: Jungle Run


iOS / Android

Any platforming fan worth his salt will be instantly familiar with Rayman. The limbless hero is back, but this time he’s actually worth getting on a mobile device. It’s lightly inspired by an endless runner, but with a clear cut structure and a nice sense of progression. The graphics are as incredible as Rayman: Origins, and there’s a ton of jumping and running to be found. Don’t miss it!

The RPG Fan

You cried at the end of FF7. Your party is your family. You assign hit points to everything in your life.



The most fun you’ll have pressing a squishy blob monster all day

iOS / Android

Though it may not be the deepest game on mobile devices, Dungelot will satisfy even the most casual RPG fan. Gameplay is simple and straightforward, with simple taps of the finger serving as your means of exploration, but is varied in its unique classes and creative enemies. You’re constantly rewarded for your efforts, and dying is just an excuse to get right back into that dungeon!

The Puzzler

Everything is a puzzle, man. It’s ALL a puzzle.

Spell Rift



Spell rift is like a word search on steroids, and with powerups like changing tiles and ones that eat adjacent spaces,  you’ll never stop using your brain.

The Speed Junkie

On second thought, that’s probably not the most appropriate way to put it. Basically, you like fast stuff.

Joe Danger


He’s like Evel Knivel, but with way more spike strips


Joe Danger may have made his console debut a few years ago, but his first adventure on iOS is certainly worth a look.  It may be more Mario than Burnout, but there’s still enough racing and adrenaline to carry your need for speed.

This is not a comprehensive list, but it should give you some idea as to the fun games and the extensive variety modern smartphones have to offer.

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