Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Looks Different and that’s not a Good Thing

The first ever new screenshots for the upcoming Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon have been leaked. If you have seen any of these screenshots you are probably asking yourself the same thing we are; ‘Ubisoft, what the heck is going on here?’ The company has remained pretty mum about the upcoming game and now with these leaked screenshots we are in need of some sort of explanation.

Far Cry 3 was a quick success and we expected nothing but a similarity in how great Blood Dragon should be in comparison. Although it is not a retail game, we still expected a sliver of greatness that reflected what made Far Cry 3 such a jewel to gamers. The screenshots for Blood Dragon prove that the direction of the game is pretty much the opposite of the scenery of Far Cry 3 as you are now mowing down scientists instead of crazed pirates.

The direction that they are taking this little game seems like it can only be damaging to their reputation. Making something that looks so different from what made you popular is never a good idea and is seems as if Ubisoft might be taking that turn here with Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon. What happened to interesting scenes with rare wildlife, surviving off of the land while keeping yourself from becoming some sort of a savage?

This is an odd spin-off to what we loved about Far Cry 3 and we want answers. This game is neon, futuristic and confusing. We aren’t sure if this is what any Far Cry 3 fan would have wanted from the game or if this is just Ubisofts way of catching attention and attempting to suck money out of players wallets. Whatever it is players don’t seem too happy about the spin-off.

Hopefully, if this game does turn out to be as odd and disappointing as it seems it will remind Ubisoft what players want from a Far Cry game and the next actual retail game in the series won’t make any abrupt or unusual mistakes. At least if Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon is as bad as it looks it will just be a little mistake in the series that will be easily ignored because it is downloadable. We are hoping Ubisoft will say something to change our minds but until then players can decide if this game will turn out to be as unpleasantly unexpected as it seems.

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