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***Spolier Alert- This article contains spoilers about Bioshock Infinite’s plotline. Don’t read if you haven’t finished the game***


Gamers have been anticipating Bioshock Infinite for quite some time now. After the release many are calling Bioshock Infinite a “Perfect 10” or “Game of the Generation”. It’s a game with an amazing storyline, great graphics and wonderful gameplay. After finishing the game, many gamers are left wondering more about the plotline or certain things in the game. If that is the case, we here at have you covered. This article will showcase some facts and interesting points that players may not have known about the game.


  • Many believe that Elizabeth is Bioshock Infinites form of Rapture’s Little Sisters and Songbird is a representation of a Big Daddy. Elizabeth and Songbird share a similar type of relationship as Little Sisters and Big Daddies.


  • Booker fought for the United States Army in the 7th Cavalry Regiment.


  • The Luteces’ used a dangerous machine to access other dimensions. Once the machine was destroyed by Comstock and Fink they were able to travel to any dimension they pleased being able to appear and disappear at any given moment. However they did not really exist in any dimension after that point.


  • Roselind and Robert Lutece were originally from different dimensions. Robert is a male form of Roselind but they call themselves siblings/twins. Roselind brought Robert to her dimension to meet face to face and they became irrseperateble after meeting.


  • Elizabeth obtained the ability to open tears because there were parts of her in two different dimensions. The part of her finger that remained in her original dimension is technically the reason why she can open tears, according to Rosalind.


  • Booker has no conscious memories of Anna except the name itself.


  • It is rumored that Songbird’s  death can be heard by Jack since it took place in Rapture. During the death scene of Kyle Fitzpatrick in Bioshock 1, a sound can be heard that sounds similar to Songbird dying. It is possible that Elizabeth warped them to Rapture during the events of Bioshock 1.


  • Rosalind Lutece was a quantum physicist making it possible for her to help create Columbia.


  • In the Voxophone located on the airship in the last level, Rosalind Lutece implies that Comstock is 38 years old (the same age as Booker) but appears as though he has aged rapidly because of a cancer caused by the machine created by the Luteces’.


  • During Booker’s revival scenes, Elizabeth injects Booker with a substance similar to the ways that Little Sisters remove ADAM from dead bodies.


  • Booker and Robert Lutece were originally from the same dimension. This is the reason that Robert was the one who was able to find Booker and offer to wipe away his debt and take Anna in the first place.


  • After fighting in The Battle of Wounded Knee, Booker felt too much guilt for the people he murdered and wanted to cleanse himself from his sins. He felt by being baptized would cleanse him from his sins and he could be reborn. In one reality he declined the baptismal, remaining Booker Dewitt and in another reality he accepted the baptismal and was reborn into the man that became Comstock.


  • Other people are able to see tears but only Elizabeth is able to interact with them.


  • Before Bioshock Infinite took place, Dewitt was going through a rough point in his life. He lost his wife during child birth leading him into depression. He begin drinking heavily and gambling.


  • Comstock created the Siphon in hopes of achieving his dreams. The Siphon limited Elizabeth’s powers but made Comstock stronger.


  • It is rumored that Jack from Rapture could be another form of Booker from a different dimension.


  • Because the several different forms of Elizabeth drown Booker, it is like the events of Bioshock Infinite never took place.


  • Robert Lutece often regretted taking Anna from Booker and felt guilty about it. He hoped that Booker would rescue eventually Elizabeth. This is the reasoning that he brought Booker to the light house.


  • The Songbird was created from the Siphon, in order to protect Elizabeth and ensure that she does not escape.


  • Elizabeth was often experimented on but The Luteces’, while she was in her tower, beginning at a very young age.


  • The fate of the Lutece twins is unknown after Booker’s death.


  • After the Siphon is destroyed Elizabeth becomes almost “Godlike”. She is able to see into any dimension and appears “all knowing” Her powers are no longer only usable within Columbia, she is able to use it anywhere at any time.


  • It is possibly Bookers 123rd attempt at saving Elizabeth. When the Luteces’ do the coin flip there are 122 marks then the add another mark to the caulk board. Also the number to open the light house is 1-2-2.



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