New Info: Blizzard’s Next MMO, Project Titan!

Recently, I came across an interesting bit about Blizzard (creators of the well-known and widely played Warcraft, Starcraft and Diablo series) and their interesting new MMO, known only under the mystic title of “Project Titan”. While the name leaves little to our imaginations as to what it might be focused around, nonetheless, quite a few delicious details have been leaked about the project and it’s development.

Below, I’ve laid out some of the uncovered things that we’ve found so far, mainly pertaining to what the game is about, a little of how it’s all played, and some development notes and dates to look out for.

Here’s some of the tantalizingly teased information about the game’s universe:

– It’s going to be based largely on Earth’s history. However, it’ll also have a deeper history, and as such there will be plenty of lore and backstory evolved for the game.

– Apparently, there’s going to be a lot of focus on time travel. (Dr. Who fans, strap in!)

– Weapons will range from just about anything you might find in your usual fantasy game. Guns, magic, swords and shields, it appears the usual equipment will be the norm here.

– They’re expecting to include many of Warcraft’s elements into the world of Titan. Meaning there will be plenty of subtle nods to the game, but there’s also talk of being able to ‘port’ certain characters into the game itself.

– There will be a heavy focus on Greek, Roman and Viking mythology. This helps to bring a little light to the title, Titan, if you think about it.

– They’ve brought in some widely-published authors such as Richard A. Knaak (and we can only assume other writers that wrote for the Warcraft, Starcraft and Diablo universes will make an appearance as well) to help write the storyline.

There’s a general overview of how the game will be played as well:

– Typical MMORPG elements, such as a 3rd-person, over-the-shoulder camera along with tab targeting and with it being a Blizzard game, it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to assume there will be some sort of action bar on the screen.

– Graphics will be in the classic, stylized ‘Blizzard’-style, and as such, it will almost assuredly be a PC release, but there’s a possibility that it will release on consoles at a later date (much like they’re going to do with Diablo III currently).

– It’ll have a completely new game engine, supposedly one that we’ve never seen before.

– It’s going to be designed with eSports in mind, and they have hopes to grow it into a game with a following much like League of Legends, DotA and World of Warcraft.

– It’s going to be rated PEGI 12+ (basically, it’s going to be rated T-for-teen in the US).

And then here’s a bunch of miscellaneous points that were also discussed:

– At the last count, about 150 different developers were known to be working on Project Titan and after the last count this past September (which brought them to just over 100 developers), the project team seems to be growing at a very nice pace.

– There’s going to be ‘guild-housing’, presumably like the guild halls in Guild Wars or Star Wars Galaxies, but we won’t know if that ‘housing’ extends to the player for some time.

– There’s going to be an in-game auction house, much like we’ve seen with Diablo and World of Warcraft. However, there’s been no mention yet, if it will be a real-money auction house or not, but given the success of both Diablo’s real money auction house and the accessibility of World of Warcraft’s free, in-game auction house, it’s a little hard to say just yet.

– English, German, French, Portugese (hue), Polish and Spanish languages are what’s going to be available for the start, but more can be expected to come in the future.

– While it’s known as Project Titan and Titan, the name has changed (and is expected to change) more throughout the development process. We really won’t know until all is said and done, sadly.

– Blizzard plans to open Alpha testing the first quarter of 2014.

– Blizzcon 2013 (so, expect sometime in the end of summer) is where they plan to release more information on the game. We can expect something along the lines of a cinematic or a few teasers (such as artwork or game design), but they don’t plan to release any footage of the actual game itself until it’s ready for beta.

So, what does that mean for the rest of us? Well, at the moment, with so little information, I’m tentatively excited. A game based on time travel as well as the various mythologies of the world? Well, to put it bluntly, that can either be amazing, and have us warping through different time-periods of the world, past or future or it could potentially be a flop, full of messy timelines and uninteresting combat (i.e. travel back to the age of the Egyptians to kill an Anubis-boss for your daily quest).

Granted, given that it is a Blizzard game, and the fact that they are essentially ‘rulers’ of the MMO-space as of now, it’s probably not going to be a flop. In fact, given the size of their development, and the pulling of resources away from World of Warcraft’s development (which has been ongoing for the last nine years, if you don’t count pre-beta), it’s easy to think that they plan to have this game serve as their replacement for the World of Warcraft. It’s smart, in my opinion, and it’s something they have to ask themselves. After all of the stories of Warcraft have been told, and all of the bosses killed, where do they go next?

With the little that’s been shared, Titan seems like an interesting alternative to the games of today, and I am already tingling with that pre-excitement I’ve felt when I heard the rumours of Diablo III beginning to trickle down the grape-vine. I can only hope for more information coming throughout the rest of the year, and at the up-and-coming Blizzcon later this summer.

Until then, keep your eyes glued on our feed for up-to-date information, and prepare yourselves. I have a feeling this game is going to be awesome.


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