Battlefield 4 has Done Exactly What it needs to Directly Compete with COD

The fight between which military first person shooter is the best has been something that is a popular discussion among gamers for the past few years. Battlefield and Call of Duty are by far the most popular names in this war (pun intended). Over the years Call of Duty has made itself a superpower in the industry and with Battlefield 3 gamers were shown that there was a new name in the FPS genera that was attempting to take the thrown. Since Battlefield 3, gamers take sides on which game is better; it gets to be a pretty heated discussion. One thing that is clear is Call of Duty has been the one and only front runner for years and has remained in that position to this date. 2013 marks the first year that it is possible that a change in the king of military first person shooters may arise.

Battlefield 4 Screenshot

The fine folks at DICE had recently showed off their upcoming game, Battlefield 4, with a trailer. This trailer made one thing certain and that is that Battlefield 4 is presenting itself as the whole package instead of just the beloved multilayer that Battlefield 3 was. The love that Battlefield 3 was given by fans was very heavily based off of competitive multilayer. The game turned its back on single-player as well as didn’t offer another mode to play (besides co-op campaign) as Call of Duty has. There were major thing in Battlefield 3 that were lacking in comparison to Call of Duty. While both games were good in their own way the only thing that Battlefield 3 had even remotely close to the greatness of Call of Duty was that addicting multiplayer mode. With what was seen in the Battlefield 4 trailer, it seems as if DICE has realized where they were lacking and stepped up their game in a second attempt to dethrone the king.

It was apparent in the Battlefield 4 trailer that DICE has focused more attention on the single player portion of the game. Of course, this will not be the only aspect of the game that is improved upon but it is an important aspect for the development team because this was an area where they had lacked in before. Battlefield 3 already had a successful multilayer and that can only be expected to be improved in Battlefield 4. Now that Battlefield 4 has improved on more than just one aspect of the game it has a overwhelming presence compared to Call of Duty. Battlefield 4 is setting the standards high by making their game more about the experience as a whole than just the perfect competitive multiplayer.

Battlefield 4 Screenshot

Nothing for the next Call of Duty is set in stone yet besides the fact that we will be seeing another this year so we are not comparing the two games as that would be impossible. We are saying with what we are seeing from Battlefield 4; it has an honest chance at catching more buzz than Call of Duty for the first time ever. Activision actually has somewhat of a reason to be sweating because Battlefield has stepped up its game so much by paying more attention to every player rather than the fans they already have. It will be interesting to see how the next Call of Duty game looks in comparison to Battlefield 4 because we know it will be stiff competition. Both games are probably going to need to put their all into taking out the other because both games are more than likely sure to be the best sellers of the year. Battlefield 4 has stepped out of the multilayer mold to prove that it has potential to excel in other areas as well; we hope that this is a trend that continues as it does give gamers more of a reason to play. It’s not about single-player, it’s not about multiplayer but it is about a well rounded game and that seems to be what we are seeing from Battlefield 4 as of now.

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