The Wonderful Cosplay of WonderCon 2013

WonderCon 2013

WonderCon returns to Anaheim, California for 2013 and brings a heard of pop culture lovers back to the convention center. Originally starting in San Fransisco, WonderCon has made its way down to the southern parts of California over the years. WonderCon allows another chance to browse through great costumes and to get further insight on what the convention had to offer. From Ghostbusters to the Little Mermaid and more Deadpools than the Marvel Universe can keep track of a sea of people gathered to celebrate the con.

Numerous cosplayers ready to strut their stuff for you. So shift through the numerous amount of cosplayers we have in store for you and don’t forget to comment on your favorite costume or your future cosplay costume! Also stay tuned for our Recap of WonderCon 2013 and our Editor’s Choice awards for cosplayers from the event!

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