Kingdom Hearts 1.5 after credits surprise teases much wanted surprise

You’ve seen the coverage involving Kingdom Hearts here at and it’s going to keep getting better and better as the news flows and time goes by. To all the veterans of Kingdom Hearts we all know the drill for beating the game don’t we? Beat the game under the most extreme conditions and get treated to a brand new scene that is pure amazing and awesome (Or in others cases beat the game and then run to youtube to see it) For Kingdom Hearts 1.5 it shares the same similarity.

Not sure what conditions the game has to be beaten on but the tease at the end of Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD is.. KINGDOM HEARTS 2.5 HD!

Games included in Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD:
Kingdom Hearts II
Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep
Kingdom Hearts Coded

So many great games and remember it was confirmed that Tetsuya Nomura would have to do a 2.5 HD after 1.5 HD and with the news brought to you exclusively from we can all start being excited that were getting these games with time, hopefully an official announcement will hit the E3 stage this year and hoping against hope we can get these HD Remix’s on both the PS3 and the PSVita sooner than later.

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