How Sony and Valve are Delivering to Hardcore Gamers

Hardcore Gamers

Last console generation saw the dollar signs pile up for publishers and developers around the gaming market. Targeting casual gamers was a successful trend due to gimmicks such as Guitar Hero, Wii and party games composed of mini games. In the recent months big game publishers like EA Games, Square Enix and THQ have been hit hard. In fact, the entire gaming industry is feeling a bit used thanks to casual gamers. While they aren’t really to blame publishers are taking note after looking at their financial numbers and the steady decline in numbers since 2008.

These are not the Hardcore Gamers you are looking for... Hardcore Gamers

These are not the Gamers you are looking for…

2006 marked the start of a big idea in the gaming industry. “We need to create more gamers” this was all the buzz. With old people playing Wii, to Ubisoft and EA and more making party games every year it was madness. Then Microsoft and Sony attempted to tackle the market after getting jealous that the Wii was getting all the attention. They found success with Xbox 360‘s Kinect but not so much with PlayStation 3’s Move. Leaving Sony as the sole console developer to tend to hardcore gamers now. Don’t get me wrong the Wii U is fun but it hasn’t quite tapped the hardcore yet, here is to hoping Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate changes that.

Publishers are finally taking notice that casual just doesn’t payoff, at least not in the console department. In the last 3 years iPhones and Androids are all the rage. Leaving the casual market to flock toward Angry Birds, Words with Friends and Draw Something. This has left publishers scratching their heads asking “Where did all our consumers go?”. Well fat cats incase you missed out on the reality check, the casual market isn’t loyal to anyone or anything. In fact ,when it comes to brands, most of the casual market couldn’t tell you what is a publisher and developer or even who some major icons are.

OK new plan... Megaman go left... Hardcore Gamers

Ok new plan… Megaman go left for a deep pass

One bold prediction is that Capcom is ready to rise from the ashes. Yea Kenji Infaune may not be there anymore but that doesn’t mean that some great people don’t work at Capcom. With a huge fiasco last year with the Resident Evil franchise and even more DLC on a disk than you can shake a stick at. Capcom needs to clean their money grubbing hands and fast, so why not use DuckTales as your soap and call it a day? Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is more badass than ever and Lost Planet 3 seems to bring some chills during the summer. Any Capcom fan can see something MEGA is coming to E3. Just don’t get your hopes up too much *cough Breath of Fire* as the company is just starting to deliver to the hardcore again.

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