5 Things that you Shouldn’t Say to a Girl Gamer that You’re into

Have you ever had a girl that you liked and she turned out to be a gamer. To some people this sort of circumstance seems like a dream come true. Naturally, when there is a girl you’re into who likes video games your first instinct is to want to play a game with her. This is all good and especially if she knows you in person, she is probably going to want to play with you too. However, if you don’t play your cards right, over time she might start avoiding you and you might ask yourself why if things once seemed A-okay. It is all too common for guys who are trying to win a girl gamers affection to just simply start saying the wrong things. Saying the wrong things tend to come a cliché to gamer guys trying to pick up on the video game loving females. Unfortunately, sometimes these slogans will be the things that make your interest not all that interested in you. So, which statements are best avoided when trying to pick up on a girl who loves video games?

“I let you win.”

Girl Gamer

There are so many problems with this statement it’s hard to find a place to start. First of all, saying something like this is implying that under every circumstance you would beat her (even if you are joking or trying to flirt with her). She most likely does not want to feel like the inferior gamer and saying something like this implies that you feel you are better than her no matter the context you meant it. A girl does not want to feel like in order for her to actually win a game that you have to ‘let her’. This is a sure fire way to dig your own grave. Even if you are trying to flirt with the girl there is a constant negative vibe by the saying “I let you win.” If she is a real gamer she wants to feel good at the games that she is playing and doesn’t mind a little friendly competition so whether you or she wins the most important thing to do is have fun playing together. You won’t be the first guy who tries this one on her, she will probably laugh it off to your face but find it very annoying in the back of her mind… this is something you don’t want. There is never a reason to taunt her.

“You’re never online.”

Girl Gamer

One thing you should realize about some girl gamers right now is the fact that we can get to points where we are bombarded by messages and game invites when all we really want to do is play whatever we are playing. It is a common thing for girls to play offline or even appear offline to control the amount of messages they get while playing. We don’t want to be mean and ignore the friends on our list so appearing offline tends to be an easy innocent escape. With this statement, first of all, she will be upset at the fact that you don’t feel she is a big enough gamer to play all the time when really she may be playing more than you think. Secondly, it is never a good idea to let her notice that you are keeping that close of an eye on her. Odds are she will think you noticing the amount of time she plays and does not play is more creepy than appealing. If she is online and to you it seems like it’s been a while, avoid telling her that she’s never there and above all one party/ game invite or message is enough to catch someone’s attention; she will never need more than one to notice you.

“It’s okay, you tried.”

Girl Gamer

Everyone has their good and bad days while gaming. The last thing you want to do is point out if she happens to be at the bottom of the score board. Just like every other gamer out there chances are your girl wants to be on the top of the score board and if she’s not she doesn’t want to hear about it. Even if your words seem re-encouraging at the time she might feel that you are making fun of her or that you feel that she is simply not good at the game instead of had a bad run. Anything like “its okay you tried” or “We’ll get em next time.” sounds nice but the way sayings like these are taken by a female might not always work in your favor. The best thing to do when the girl you are after isn’t doing well is to ignore it unless she mentions it herself. If she says she played horrible herself then the best thing for you to do is roll with the conversation without agreeing or disagreeing. Girls are tricky creatures.

“You’re the best at this game/ I can’t believe how good you are/ Wow, that was an amazing kill/ I wish I were as good as you” & ect

Girl Gamer

Compliments, compliments, compliments… whatever you do don’t over compliment the girl on how she’s doing in the game. If she is doing well she most likely knows it and one or two little compliments will do the trick. Sometimes girls run into guys who just won’t quite with the compliments and things go from feeling proud about the game she is playing to feeling annoyed with who she is playing with. To go along with compliments things like, “I have never seen a girl as good as you.” also don’t fly to well as she most likely does not want to be compared to all other female gamers as if they are a species. One or two compliments will win you some good points in her book but use them to your advantage don’t use them to try and snag her attention every two seconds. She can only say thank you so many times until things get awkward. Too many compliments will make her want to leave the game not make her want to stay. Compliments can be your best friend as long as they aren’t your go-to way to fill strange silences.

“You don’t look like a gamer.”

Girl Gamer

This is a big one because most every real girl gamer knows that girls who play games come in every shape, size and color. It is society and the gaming community that try to fit girls who game into some kind of cookie cutter mold. If you are going after a girl that doesn’t seem nerdy, is thin or enjoys wearing nice clothes and make-up that doesn’t mean she is not a gamer and it doesn’t mean you need to point out the fact that you believe gamers should look a certain way. If you feel that she does not look like a gamer it is likely that she receives some hate from the community for being a ‘fake gamer’ even if that isn’t who she is. Even walking into the game section at stores or simply into a GameStop she might get this sort of statement. When your girls a gamer she will be proud of that fact and she will want to fit in with the people that she has common interests as. If you feel the need to travel this road it would be beneficial if you told her she was pretty more so than she doesn’t look like a gamer.

Although girls sound complicated girls can be easy to get along with; especially the lovely ladies who are cool enough to enjoy video games. If you play it cool, keep the compliment count low and appreciate her for exactly who she is then you will probably end up in the right position with whoever you might be trying to impress. Be confident and everything will be okay!

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  1. HauntedQuiche // April 3, 2013 at 2:50 pm // Reply

    I always thought the best tip for dating any girl is to remember that… girls are people. Normal people. Like, with people stuff in their people heads. They are not Mysterious Ladyfolk.

  2. I don’t know any girls so there’s that!

  3. Wait where’s the classic ” make me a sandwhich” punch line

  4. when my ex and i played fighting games, 9 times out of 10 i’d beat her. i wouldn’t gloat or anything, but after losing a few times, she’d end up annoyed anyway. so i’d sort of slack off my intensity a bit so that she’d have a fair chance of winning (which she did), but she’d still be annoyed, saying that i “lost on purpose” 😉 no-win situation, haha!

  5. worst thing to say to a girl who gamer is “b**bs or GTFO”. Hands down. That phrase is the single reason that if unless I know you you will never hear my voice in a multiplayer game. I thought “get in the kitchen and make me a sandwich” was bad until I heard that.

  6. By and large I can agree with most of what you’ve said. As a gamer girl, I’ve definitely gotten some of this, especially the last one. The one thing I will point out is that all of these points imply that the girl actually is the inferior gamer and that these are the guy’s reactions to compensate for it. Honestly, a good thing to do if she does keep losing (since you REALLY don’t want to patronize her) is just ask if she wants to do something else. Although, any decently self-assured woman will suggest it herself if she’s getting tired of it.

    Barb did also point out something that is definitely worse. For some reason, men seem to have this feeling that it’s okay to be openly sexual on the internet, especially if they don’t actually know you. I don’t know how many guys have tried to describe what they’d like to do to me or other women when I’ve been on online games. That’s far worse than anything on the list.

    • Yeah, no kidding. Guys are trying to harass me when I’m playing all the time. It actually gets to the point where I will stop playing sometimes…I’m there to relax not defend myself from the sexual advances of desperate lonely losers. Go watch some porn and leave me alone guys…I’m here to chat not to sext.

      • noob, L2 trash talk.

      • What I like to do, especially if I don’t have a mic and have to rely on typing, is troll the guy into thinking I’m a guy. Especially since there is the prevailing rumor that most female avatars are played by guys.

      • TheScienceEnthusiast1130 // October 17, 2013 at 5:46 am // Reply

        Another moronic and ignorant comment from a religious/politically conservative person…Get a life.

  7. Arre we really talking about what things we shouldnt say to a girl gamer !?
    Because that wouldbe a huge list.
    i like girl, every boy does, and if shes a gamer than its amazing, but even if charts at internet survey tells me there are 40% so Girl gamers between 18-? , i stil dont believe it.

  8. I agree with part’s of the list for instant

    Compliments = Suck up’s.

    Creepy stalkers who know when your offline = ANNOYING AND MANY (Seriously I have friends on my list from Mulitplayer online games purely because I am a girl. My brother and I played Assassins creed brother hood together A kick ass team I might add, and people would always follow what we did, well they would ALWAYS add me Even my enemies I killed several times in a row, but never my brother it was hilarious till my inbox was overflowing with invites >.>)

    Personally I love it however when A male friend says I try, I purposely switch to another team right before the new game starts and Rape them for the comment. They usually hate me after the first round (Depending on the game…Can’t do crap to save my life on shooter’s hate them with a passion.)

    • kayla why the fuck would you use the word rape out of context you’re a female and you’re not any better than a sexist asshole who doesn’t know the difference between rape and killing someone in a goddamn video game

  9. I feel a lot of this can be solved with “treat her the way you’d like to be treated.” For instance, my gf doesn’t play very many games with me but we’ll often play something fun like Mario Kart. I have never let her win while playing 2 reasons: I’m naturally competitive, and I would hate if someone were to let me win. No real gamer wants a free win. And besides, she beats me plenty of times so I don’t have to “let her win” anything. Lol

  10. Ya I figured you wouldn’t let any of my posts go through.

    • There are plenty of other sites to troll, would you like me to give you a list of them? Constructive criticism is welcome here, but ignorant trash is not.

      • I don’t “troll”, I’m not an scumbag who hides behind the internet. Google my name and I’m sure you can find me. This whole article just further alienates women and treats them as lesser beings. Could you not say all of these things to another man and have a similar reaction? Real “Men” don’t need a guide to talk to any type of a woman. Just treat them with respect that you would like in return. My girlfriend who is a great gamer fully agrees with that.

  11. The biggest issue I have with this is that these are things guys often say to each OTHER. So I guess we have to develop a whole different mode of speaking just because the gamer is a girl? Or is it that we have to change because we are romantically interested in the girl? Just another case of the girls wanting to change the guys’ behavior – apparently just to see if they can.

    • Fadamor I’ll have you know that the guy gamers I know hate all these things just as much as a girl gamer would. If I told my ex bf ‘Its okay, you tried’ after he lost in a game I know the look I could expect would be along the lines of imagined bodily harm. That whole ‘you’re never online’ I can attest to how often he put himself as ‘appear offline’ to enjoy playing games alone without getting bugged by messages or other game invites. And ‘I let you win’ omg forget about that shit. No one likes a freebie if they genuinely enjoy playing something, be it a video game or a board game. So no you don’t have to develop a different mode of speaking and NO girls aren’t trying to change anything.

      Girls and Guys are unique individuals and everybody is different some can take these comments and some would rather you shut up and just let them enjoy their games.

    • well, because first of all boys and girls are not EXCACTLY the same. have you ever seen a boy who leaves the game just because they get commented alot? girls are WAY more sensitive, and no offense, but if a girl leaves the game for no reason it’s not because your doing something wrong it’s probably because you’re not her “type”(which means you’re annyoing to her) or she just doesn’t like you. and so? if she dosen’t like you. don’t feel rejected it’s her loss.
      it’s funny when girls dump boys, they don’t cry they try to win her back. but when a boy dumps a girl, she cries until her eyes bleed. don’t cry. get back up.

  12. I actually agree with Jman. I find articles like these retarded. I was IMMEDIATELY turned off by the mere title of it. “Things you shouldn’t say to girl gamers”? What, are you teaching me how to pander to another simple demographic of the gaming community? Thanks but no thanks.

    I treat female gamers the same effing way I treat male gamers. Whether its respect, or trashtalk when they get outta hand in a game or w/e. The only thing I do agree with is this sucking up garbage. I’m not for that especially if the girl is someone you met online. It’s pathetic. However you’re saying we can’t give females compliments either? No one is saying you have to go overboard and kiss azz but this is almost inhuman.

    You should just name the article “Don’t talk to gamer girls”. This type of thing really IS ostrasizing women because you’re illustrating to us that there is a particular way to treat ALL women who play video games as if they are all the same thing: People who plays games slightly worse than most men, and have overt insecurities when you (as a man) acknowledge their shortcomings.

    Here’s an idea, stop treating females like they’re darn victims all the time and treat them as equals. All anyone ever pays attention to anymore, is how some people openly OFFEND women, but what most people dont realize is that it’s just as harmful the other way around (when you put them on a pedestal and treat them like they’re helpless).

    And Im actually surprised so many women chimed in agreeing with this thing as if things will be perfect if men abide by these arbitrary and superficial rules in this article.

    Idk if this was meant to be funny (because it sorta wasn’t) but I find it very ignorant and distasteful. Sorry, just saying.

    • Everyone has their own opinion and is entitled to it, however I believe that this article was meant for a different group of males then yourself. Being that you are not a girl gamer it is impossible to know what they experience while gaming online… you may have an idea but you or me would never know the whole picture… and I myself treat girls the same way I would treat guys online, but that is me/you and like I said before, I think the article is meant for a different group of guys then you… sorry to say that this group is probably not reading this article because they… well I will stop there.

      • Theres a few women that i run with online and alot of males do this dumbshit that theyre saying…so somethings not right…its wild too because ive heard everyone of them comments….with make me a sandwich being the most used…i just feel like the ones who say them things ARE the ones who truely dont know how to talk to or have any women….the proofs in the pudding my friend..but my thing to the ladies is why so serious??

        • I can’t say I disagree with you there on that one, I just feel like some people/commenters are just taking it a little bit too far in Articles like this one as well as related ones when it comes to comments…I mean actually have to delete them not just because they’re so out of line but because it’s written by somebody with absolutely no Common sense whatsoever. ..from phone …excuse typos.

    • A-freaking-men. Glad someone got to this stupid article before I could rip it to shreds. I mean, not just the topic, but the concepts of this stupid article. Not to mention the grammar and spelling sucks. Honestly, I don’t play online often, and when I do they aren’t games that guys enjoy much, but if I did play online games that guys play, I wouldn’t want them to take advice from this idiotic article.

  13. non related note, but you are not allowed to use that artwork without crediting the artist warren louw. thank you =)

  14. Blah blah blah… good thing I don’t use video games to get girls online, but in reality 99 percent of the times the girl doesn’t live no where near your location so why waste time trying to date a girl through online video games…

  15. I like how this basically calling all males out on being nice to women.

    But yet it doesn’t reveal the cold hard truth in that most “girl gamers” are just attention seekers who picked up a controller and started giggling on the mic to get horny guys to pay attention to them.

    • I know exactly what you are talking about… however you are also declaring that there are no girls out there that just want to play a game, no wanting any attention or anything like that.

      • Well thats not true actually. My friend and i are into games since we were 10 and we’re not “giggly” at all. And indeed why do gamers always treat girl like they’re some sort of sexmachine? I mean if i wanted to have sex i wouldnt be gaming right now, right?

  16. Because I never let guy friends win, right.

  17. I usually don’t comment on these lists, but I do enjoy reading them… a lot of them, and I feel like commenting this one.

    I’m a girl gamer, and have been all my life. 20 years ago, I was simply “one of the boys”, and talked games with them, instead of talking Barbies with the girls. Nothing has changed since then, and I’m 28 now.
    I rarely get stupid sexual comments when playing online, but instead, I meet a lot of other girls who enjoy playing. Yes, some play for the attention, but I rarely see those, and if I do, I don’t have to pay attention to them.
    Girl gamers are just as good as guy gamers, and should be treated like any other gaming person on this planet. We’re not special, we don’t need special attention or compliments. But we also don’t need to be looked down upon, just because we have boobs. I’ve been playing games for longer than most guys have even lived, who throw such comments at me, and I really don’t need that. No girl does.
    And even though I’m a regular at GameStop (we’re practically neighbors), I always get weird looks when I walk in, even from those who work there. It’s really uncomfortable for me, even when going in there with my boyfriend and our son. I wish people would just mind their own business, and stop staring, it makes me want to leave the store… Haha, I’d say it’s worse going in there at rush hour, than it is to log into any male dominated game on the net.
    Well anyway, girl gamers are nothing special these days, so treat us like you’d treat any other game buddy.

    On a sidenote… When not knowing the real gender of a player, regardless of their avatar, they’re treated like males. I’ve played tons of hours with male characters, and no one ever asked a question about my gender, they just thought I was gay IRL, and I sometimes let them think that. Once they know you’re female, they’re either gonna be cool with it, or act like tards around you. That’s what I’ve experienced.

    Sorry for the long comment, I just had to let some things out, after reading the comments also.

    • DaDoomBroom // May 15, 2013 at 4:33 am // Reply

      Add meh on xbl if u have it my SN is DaDoomBroom XD

      • Sorry, but I don’t own an XBox, and don’t want to add people I don’t know anyway. A basic rule of mine, and goes for everything internet related.

  18. DaDoomBroom // May 15, 2013 at 4:30 am // Reply

    I say screw dis noise my gf’s on xbl love me an I let em win all tha time even tho they dunno it but I always have the last laugh hahaha

  19. Who cares what is and isn’t said to “girl gamers.” A gamer is a gamer. I’m going to treat you like every other one out there. If you suck you suck. If you are amazing you are amazing. I don’t care. Stop begging for attention.

  20. philosophi // May 17, 2013 at 5:12 am // Reply

    Everything happens beacause there is a reason ..
    There are no right or wrong, the problem is only ur point of view ..

  21. Lol I’ve heard many of these. But the one I’ve heard the most is: “you don’t look like a gamer” is that supposed to be a compliment?? hahaha I don’t think all gamers have to look the same… It is hilarious everytime I hear that.

  22. wtf !!!!
    i have never seen a girl who likes games
    girls are just suitable for bed games 😀

  23. I think part of the problem is calling us ‘girl gamers’… I would never refer to myself as that. I’m happy to call myself a gamer cause I love playing, but I would never specify my gender, cause it’s irrelevant.

  24. thegoldenchile // June 29, 2013 at 4:13 am // Reply

    I think girls and women should be treated with the same amount of disrespect given to male gamers. coddling is condescending as shit, and makes it seem as though female gamers are mildly retarded and no competition at all. shit talking and humiliation (as well as honest awe towards my skillz) have made me a better gamer and has actually enhanced the fun i have with my friends. If we handle the ladies with kid gloves we’re only hurting their development as gamers, and committing a huge dishonor to them. fuck repression yo! its sad we have to ask for some emotional maturity when it comes to playing videogames lol

  25. I just play games. I have played with female gamers and the experience is always fun. Usually much better than playing with guys cause most are big idiots on black ops and any time I just want to have a fun match on tekken revolution or street fighter x tekken Im either stuck with spammers or idiots that claim they are the best. Most of my friends on my psn are male except for a select few who are female. Honestly I do my best I fight hard or shoot down my fair share of enemies but to me male or female doesn’t matter because in the end we are all just gamers looking to have fun.

    With love and peace

  26. Well alot of this happens to me. So Im a black girl gamer.So i get into a lobby and I meet other gamers(guys) and they ask me questions like oh are u a girl. then they tell me im not…. then they ask me are u pretty. well of course im pretty, i love how i look. but then the question are you blak or white. and im black so they autimatically think im ugly and i never hear from them again.


  27. I hate when guys make an image of the girl gamers in there heads. It sucks even worse if your black because they autimatically think your ugly and never wanna play with you again. I really hate it why do Girl gamers have to look a ceartain way to play a game.

  28. theangryone // July 4, 2013 at 10:56 am // Reply

    Sorry Heather, no. Saying you want equality and having equality are different. Asking male gamers to coddle you is saying that female gamers are emotionally inferior and in need of coddling. If your argument is that the majority of gamers are male and are especially brutal in their insults to girl gamers the reason is you. There is backlash for asking for preferential treatment, which you did when you tried to shame the male gaming community into not hurting your feelings. Head-shot, stab, grenade, and shoot to earn the place you belong, as other female gamers have done, or get out.

  29. Why would these things be taboo to say to girl gamers but not guy gamers? Wouldn’t that be special treatment?

  30. I think kids and adults alike today have completely perverted impression about ladies, either they are gamer girls or not. Thanks to the media girls and women today are treated more of an advertisment boost than individuals with their own interests and passions. No wonder, because most of the guys today are simply braindead and raised on cartoons and video games.

    • TheScienceEnthusiast1130 // October 17, 2013 at 5:40 am // Reply


      Comments that resemble your comment is the reason why “humans” are ignorant and are suffering.

      The religious/politically conservative people love to bash on people’s “freedom” and ruin their life (also including “freedom”) as much as possible.

      FUCK YOU!!!!

  31. I think this article is full of crap. I’m a girl, I LOVE gaming… 90% of this crap would roll right off me. I wouldn’t care if someone pointed out I wasn’t online much. Okay, big deal. Get online when I am, I’m not your mom and I don’t tell you when I’m online. I shouldn’t have to. If a guy I liked were complimenting me on a kill, I would be like, “Hell yeah, this guy’s into me, let’s kill each other again!”. But the very utmost stupidest thing I’ve heard of is telling a girl, “We’ll get ’em next time!” or something when she loses a kill…? Uhm. Sounds like it means the guy saw you playing at your worst and still wants to game with you. Call me stupid, but that seems to me like the guy likes you a lot. Besides, why the hell is the girl in question playing hard to get?! If a guy liked me and gamed with me, I would be crazy happy. And I wouldn’t be PMS-ing over the little details, I would try my best to show him what REAL gamer girls are like: fun, entertaining, dorky but cute, and above all, more laid-back than little shopping princess drama queen with the cute little body. This article should be ripped off of this forum and SHREDDED. It is FULL OF CRAP.

    Thank you, have a good day, courtesy of the No BS Society. We’re all out of fucks, so we aren’t giving anymore.

    • Bravo! That was fun to read and just proves a majority of all the comments on this “article” right. I’m glad real gamers who are woman are seeing this and ripping it to shreds like it should be. I want this page to continue to exist in order for all “real” gamers, not people who just play COD, to see and understand that it’s total BS.

    • TheScienceEnthusiast1130 // October 17, 2013 at 5:37 am // Reply

      Agreed, LOL!!!!

    • You’re trying too hard, but you’ve got some valid points. Any theory or thought process that equalizes men and women should be praised.

      That said, I tend to eye-roll whenever another female on the internet uses the term “REAL gamer girl.” You’re taking three steps way back.

      This article was clearly meant for a younger audience trying to pick up chicks online. If it tells them to be nicer to us, then meh. It’s not exactly “shred-worthy,” in my humble opinion.

  32. LOL! You don’t look like a gamer x,D

  33. aDarkerReality // September 19, 2013 at 2:46 am // Reply

    San its true.. Like 90% of “Girl avatars” are guys that have twisted perverted minds. And I personally thinks guys are really gay over the internet
    .. Literally, they also use a girl avatar and flirt with other guys.

  34. aDarkerReality // September 19, 2013 at 2:57 am // Reply

    First of all, I don’t give a flying fuck about who I’m facing, just cause its a girl or my girlfriend at that.. I’m not gonna let her win or go easy on her. Second of all, I’m NOT saying men CANT be sexist, but over these past few decades girl have pushed it way over the line.. Girl can join beavers (boy scouts) but boys can’t join girl scouts. There’s job application places just for women, there’s no job application place just for men. Women can’t get out of a ticket by flashing or something sometimes, men can’t (or rarely anyways lol)

  35. TheScienceEnthusiast1130 // October 17, 2013 at 5:36 am // Reply

    The ignorance that derives from a religious/politically conservative mentality is “strong” here…

  36. (PSN)TheMoonlessNight // October 22, 2013 at 3:44 pm // Reply

    It’s funny how other guys get mad at my lady friends who beat them in CoD. But to be honest, it’s best to let your lady friends invite you etc, it’s kind of stalkerish to invite them once they go on. The only reason why I would spam a lady friend a game invite, is if she’s actually good; which is equivalent to a male friend. But the term “gamer” and “girl gamer” should just be gamer…..we all just like to play games, right?

  37. You should treat every gamer with the respect and sensibility any human deserves, whether they’re short, tall, skinny, fat, black, white etc., male, female, gay, or straight. If you find someone offensive mute the motherfucker, kick em from your game, or block them out if messaging is a problem. There are alternatives to focusing blame on one or the other. Grow up.

  38. what a pussified article.

  39. This article implies that a male gamer should change the way he acts based on some nebulous thoughts about how a girl gamer will react.

    In reality, any guy with half a sack will act the way he acts with anybody else because that’s who he is. JukeSpot hit the nail on the head. This article’s more useful as covert guide to getting friend-zoned or becoming a better beta.

    Just be yourself.

  40. Just an FYI, the fact that there are rules as to what you can and cannot say to a girl gamer is just obnoxious and annoying in general. Did you want to be treated equal or not? Because I can guarantee you that there arent rules on how to treat a guy gamer. Im not walking on fvcking eggshells wondering if the next thing I say is going to hurt his feelings, lol. If you actually want to just be treated as a gamer and not a girl gamer…. grow some thicker skin and suck it up. Good lord.

  41. Ok so guys can’t say any of this stuff to girls, but if we kill them in game for the 6th time can we “Ha, you suck!”?

  42. Here’s mine
    “I don’t give a fuck if you’re a girl gamer, just play the god damned game and don’t ask for attention only because you’re a girl.”

  43. What I don’t like about girl gamers is that they get anti-social and unreasonable. A few years back I remember reconnecting with someone who I liked since jr high. We had became friendly when we first met, then next day get the cold shoulder all of a sudden. FF to graduation, she rejects signing my yb, despite me extending a friendly hand.

    Anyways, back to the recent events, we exchanged comments on FB, expressed our similar interests in RE and PS3, etc. Like back in the Jr High days, I tried to extend an olive branch to open some lines of communication. Gave her my PSN name, offered to assist with her network, Skype (public wall post), etc. Got to the point where I just wrote about my daily life on my FB wall because I’m not going to be the one sitting there being anti-social.

    Now for being unreasonable, at some point during that time, I visited a dating website made for gamers. I was just curious and wasn’t really being serious on using it or anything. I read a lot of girl gamer profiles and MANY of them have ridiculous demands regardless of the fact that they didn’t have much to offer or even display any sort of attractive personality. I just think back to the person I reconnected with and how she was so similar to these girls and how disgusting that made me feel. I unfriended her shortly after that. She probably didn’t even know I did.

  44. Oh no. … Oh no.
    NEVER SAY THAT. Just don’t do it.

    When it comes to videogames, if she can game for real, you guys are equal. Don’t tryna be funny and downplay her because she’s a girl, there is no sexual difference when holding a controller.

  45. Honestly, I am unable to give two fucks about gender. I generally judge people in online games based on only 3 things if they are on my team: Level of competency, willingness to perform as a team if applicable, and effort put in. Instead of camping in the back, you actually push and PTFO, you will have a lot more respect from me.

    I will say I’m guilty of “It’s okay, you tried.” But I use that with people of both gender’s, generally because I get angry at lazy people or people who give up too easily.

    And while I’ve never been female, I don’t understand rejection of compliments. I generally acknowledge anyone who beats me or is superior to me (without resorting to cheap or asinine tactics)

    Short version: I treat female gamers same as I treat males, as politely (or extremely impolitely, if the context calls for it.)

  46. Conclusion : don’t game/ talk with a girl gamer.

  47. SamaraDraven // December 13, 2013 at 2:51 am // Reply

    This list really isn’t the worst of the worst. Ok, sure “I let you win” is pretty up there, but ANY gamer would hate to hear that – not just a woman who plays games. Really though, “b**bs or GTFO” is far worse. So is “do you actually play or did you steal your guy’s clothes?” And any kind of harassment, in general is usually pretty crappy. Most of the things I could name fall under the slogan of “treat others how you would want to be treated”. There’s nothing tricky about that. Or women/girls for that matter. PEOPLE can be tricky but insulting or patronizing them is a guaranteed way to turn them off. The mere existence of this article simply reinforces the idea that women are supposedly different from men and have different rules, more of those rules and they’re extra tricky when – REALLY – it all boils down to: We don’t want to be treated any differently than male gamers. If you wouldn’t demand “b**bs or GTFO” from your dude-bros, don’t demand it from the girls and women you come across either. End of.

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