Top 5 Xbox 360 Failed Publicity Stunts

Publicity Stunts xbox

To get ahead in the ranging console war that is always underway competitors might do things to gain some extra attention from fans. This extra attention from fans can be considered  publicity stunts. As the current-gen console war is coming to an end players probably already have their mind set on which next-gen console they will buy based off of what they preferred in the current-gen standings. With the Xbox 360 and PS3 being the two favored consoles gamers will probably take an interest in the next-gen versions of their favored console of the two based off of what they like now. We think both of these consoles were great and held their own very well with one another. Saying that Xbox has pulled a lot of stunts solely to get attention isn’t saying that we think one console is better than the other in current generation standards but it is saying that Xbox has pulled a few strings that makes players think ‘what is Microsoft thinking.’ While both the Xbox 360 and the PS3 are still great consoles, what are the moments that Xbox has made players step back and ask themselves, ‘what the heck happened?’


Xbox Kinect Publicity Stunts

Although the Kinect can be considered a success in sales it is not a way that real gamers preferred to play games. Some people bought the strange device that named them the controller while others compared it to a Wii copy-cat. Whatever you think of it, it was a way for Xbox to pull in some needed attention. Unfortunately, the Kinects that were bought ended up collecting more dust than they did burning calories. It would be hard to consider the Kinect a true fail because it did unexpectedly well in sales but that doesn’t make up for the disappointment gamers held with the weird little device.
Players fight to keep Kinect integration from their favorite Xbox exclusive titles and they are fighting more in hopes the Kinect doesn’t take a priority over regular gaming in Microsoft’s portion of the next-gen gaming console battle.

Premium Themes

Xbox 360 Premium Theme Publicity Stunts

Once the Xbox 360 had gotten a bit older from its original release date, Microsoft put the console through an update. There was an update that changed the complete layout from the Xbox 360 original design. The new update brought in Avatars and premium themes. The themes were cool of course; they made sure that players new little characters could stand next to little fortifications from their favorite game. Like most things on Xbox, most premium themes cost a pretty penny. After the début of avatars and premium themes set in Xbox went under another update which once again changed the layout of the dashboard. All the premium themes were pretty much made obsolete because players had to jump through a lot of loops to even see what made these old premium themes… premium. Although they are still basically the same thing it is not as common to browse through your friends in a way where a premium theme would really make a difference.

Premium themes are not a huge deal in the light of things but it is unfortunate that those who would pay the money for re-facing their dashboard really has no real need to do that anymore with the way the dashboard is currently set up. It’s like an extra function you can do if you want to but things are set up nicely to where you would never really need to view any of the premium features.


Xbox 1 vs 100 Publicity Stunts

A while back Xbox made a big deal of their Primetime way to play by showcasing 1 VS 100. This was Xbox’s first real massive multiplayer online game and it was based after a hit TV trivia show… What could go wrong? As most people already know the show was canceled for specific reasons. The 1 VS. 100 show was however, was just the first of what was supposed to be many other Primetime ‘shows’. This was supposed to span out into a lot more than what it became, it was supposed to be part of “The New Xbox Experience” with other Primetime content. After the cancelation of 1 VS. 100 the rest of the new prime time features were pretty much put to rest either by lack of avertisement, lack in players or just canceled all together. Some players really enjoyed what was presented in Primetime and unfortunately the trend was put on the backburner. Epic fail Microsoft…

Underused Apps

Xbox 360 apps Publicity Stunts

One thing Microsoft has done to promote Xbox in the more recent years is advertising by using countless apps. One of Xbox strong points is by making itself an all around entertainment system but some of its app functions aren’t even things players will ever use. There is nothing wrong with options but when Xbox advertises itself with apps that are not widely used by an audience then nothing is really all that great about it, especially not something that you use to promote yourself over your competitors.

The Xbox 360 has a lot of great apps that are used by a large audience some of which were exclusive to them first. These apps, such as Netflix, are apps that people really enjoy but are used by most or all of the other current-gen consoles. There’s no real argument here as of now and this should not be something that a gaming console relies on unless it’s something huge like Facebook, Twitter or ect.

Avatar Awards

Avatar Awards Publicity Stunts

When Xbox came out with their avatars, players were skeptical. These where characters that closely resembled Nintendo’s Mii’s. Naturally the little characters grew on the players. Microsoft had the tendency to want to make money off of the figures and they let players download clothing items, accessories and actions based on their favorite game. One thing Microsoft did from the start is they promised free items and Avatar Awards to compliment their achievement system. Now that Avatars are getting older we are realizing most game do not offer Avatar Awards but they do offer items to buy. This is unfortunate because it is something that was pretty much promised by Microsoft.

Even Xbox exclusive games like the newly released Gears of War: Judgment isn’t offering rewards in terms of Avatar’s. This is something that has faded away and something we can probably expect to never really see return in a strong way. Broken promises= disappointment.

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