Alice 3 can happen with fan support

Alice 3

Anyone else out in the gaming world love the Alice series? Well American McGee the genius behind the dark, gritty and bloody adaptation of Alice in Wonderland has asked his facebook fans (Us at included) three simple questions:

1) If we could get the rights from EA, would you play “Alice 3?”
2) If you’d play “Alice 3,” would you back it on Kickstarter?
3) If you said “yes” to those two things, make some noise!

Are these three questions enough to get us fans banded together to have him prove to EA that the Alice franchise has a big enough fan base that when called upon we bring in da noise and possibly da funk?

With GDC apporaching American is trying to show EA that actions speak louder than words, as he discusses this with EA he can have the proof to show EA interest in the game to give it the green light and possibly start development with some announcements and hype talks about the game.  

Make all the noise we can and who knows our psychological third person action game can make it’s much deserved come back.

Maybe characters that could be included but not  limited to:
The White Knight
Tweedledee and Tweedledum
The King of Hearts (Out for revenge!?)
The Knave of Hearts
The Lion and the Unicorn

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