Gamer Girl of the Month: Miss Zelda

Featured’s Gamer Girl of the Month of April is the lovely Miss Zelda! Mistress Zelda is a Cosplayer, model and massage therapist with a passion for gaming. She is a huge fan of The Legend of Zelda series and even has tattoos to prove it! Shes been gaming for over 20 years and has work as a video game tester for a few companies. Interested in learning more about Zelda? Read our exclusive interview below:

Name: Zelda

Age: 26


Occupation: Model, Cosplayer, Massage Therapist

Alyssa What was your first console and first game?
Zelda: My first console was both NES and PC. I started gaming when I was around 3 years old, as I was raised by a geek father. Man, 23 years already! I have no idea what my first games were. I played a lot of them, from a very early age – Some of my earliest clear recollections of gaming, although they weren’t my first games, is Wrecking Crew, Zork, and the original Gauntlet games. How long have you been gaming?
Zelda: 20+ years! What is your favorite game of all time?
Tough call (It’s like choosing your favorite children) – It’s a tie between Legend of Dragoon, Bioshock, Halo 2, Zelda: Link to the Past, and Super Castlevania IV. What platforms do you play on?
Xbox 360 is my current-gen favorite, although I play on PS3 and PC as well. Nintendo has kind of lost me with the Wii. What is favorite genre?
RPG, FPS, and Fighter!

Misty What is your biggest accomplishment in gaming?
I don’t know – It’s been a really good run, honestly! I’ve worked for a couple video game companies, and even if it was only as a lowly game tester, it’s really awesome to be able to have my name in the credits of so many games. I’ve gotten the opportunity to work with a lot of great companies in the gaming world, attend conventions like E3 and CES in support of gaming…The opportunity to work in games on a professional level has been really amazing. What others hobbies do you have besides gaming?
Besides gaming, I’m involved in general geekery – Comics, conventions, tabletop, cosplay, Ren Faires, etc. My other biggest passion besides geekdom is definitely metal music. I do a lot of traveling as well. Do you Cosplay?
You know it! I’ve been cosplaying for 11 years now. My very first cosplay was made for San Diego Comic Con in 2000. And I haven’t stopped since. I’ve probably done 50+ cosplays to date. What is the best costume that you have done?
I’ve done soooo many costumes, it’s really hard to pick. Some of my personal favorites have been Lydia’s wedding gown (Beetlejuice), comic book Mystique (X-Men), and Morrigan (Darkstalkers).

Morrgian Is there any costume that you would like to do or have planned for the furture?
Always. I’m usually working on between 2-4 cosplays at any given time, and I normally knock them out at a rate of around 2 a month. Right now I just finished up Crysta from Ferngully, and I’m working on an updated Tank Girl. Next on the list, I’m not 100% sure, but I’m thinking it’s going to be either Sheik or Zero Suit Samus. Tell me about some of your modeling achievements.
I’ve been modeling for almost exactly 4 years now – I actually started modeling through cosplay, as I wanted to get some photos of my costumes. It turned out that I actually really, really loved it, so I’ve been doing it ever since. 2012 has been an especially incredible year for me on that front. I’ve been lucky enough to be published in about 10 magazines this year (mostly alternative fashion and tattoo magazines). I run an alternative modeling and photography meetup group (Alt+3rR0r LA) that has expanded into something incredible and wonderful. We are hoping to start a magazine sometime next year, as well. I have gotten to work with several awesome Geek Girl websites and agencies (, D20Girls, Pixel Vixens, GeekGirlsOnline), my photos have been shared all over the internet, I’ve been on the cover of a nerdcore album (Teamheadkick), I won the 2012 AltPorn award for best geek update and was nominated for best alternative model of the year. :) Would you ever date a gamer?
I can’t imagine NOT dating a gamer. Is there any video game character that you have a secret crush on?
Well, it’s no secret, but Link, Sephiroth, Vega, and Casey Jones, if he counts. What is the most fun experience you have ever had playing a game?
Definitely the days of Halo 2. I was ranked pretty high in the Halo 2 days and played with a lot of the pro-gamers, even though I wasn’t one myself. (I probably could have been, though). I am a…how do you say…passionate gamer. Ok, really, I just talk a lot of shit over the mic. A LOT. I miss the days of LAN parties, too. It’s been forever since I did one of those!

Saria Do you play online? If so, are you all of a sudden seeing extreme chivalry from guy gamers even though they do not know you, or is it the opposite?
I play online, people normally tend to think I’m a little boy because of how much I swear. It can go any way, being a female. But I wouldn’t say I see a whole lot of chivalry. That’s probably because most of the games I play are very competition, and I am as well. In my World of Warcraft days, chivalry was more common, but certainly not in FPS games. And I wouldn’t want it any other way. What is the hardest game you have ever played?
Games are much easier now than they were in the NES days – The original Gauntlet, Prince of Persia games? Those were tough as hell. Is there any game that you feel particularly good at?
I’m pretty awesome at fighting games in general. I can beat just about anyone coming off the street, although I’m not to the level that the pros are at by any means. Those guys get crazy with it. But Street Fighter (especially Street Fighter 2), Guilty Gear, Soul Calibur, Halo 2, Mario Kart 64, Starfox 64, for competetive games. Single player games are less important, although I’m good at many of those as well. Have you attended any video game events?
Tons and tons! I do E3, CES, and most of the comic conventions in the area. I’d like to attend PAX someday. How many hours per week do you spend gaming?
Not as many as I used to – After being a game tester for a couple years, and spending 80 hours a week playing games (the same game), for work – It killed the joy of gaming a little bit. Game testing is a hard job, despite how many people think it sounds awesome. It’s about time to start getting back in the heavy gaming swing though, I think.

Selphie Do your friends know that you’re a gamer?
Oh yeah. Friends, strangers. I’m heavily tattooed in video game tattoos, my car license plate is Zelda64 – It’s sort of hard for me to hide that I’m a gamer. Not that I would want to anyway. Do you collect video game memorabilia? If so what is your favorite piece?
I used to, but I sold a lot of it off this past year to fund a trip to Finland/Amsterdam. I had been collecting for years and years and my place isn’t really big enough for me to display anything, so I had a ton of stuff just sitting around going unloved. I do miss it a lot of the time, cuz I had some cool stuff – My favorite was probably my original cels from the Legend of Zelda cartoon, even though that cartoon was terrible.

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