3D Wii U XL Announced, Coming Summer 2013

3D Wii U XL

With the Wii U selling like hotcakes, Nintendo has decided to unveil its newest twist with the  3D Wii U XL . Nintendo has announced that it will release a 3D XL version of its popular Wii U. The following features have been announced.


Full 3D, No glasses required

Upgraded processor and Graphics Chip, BF4 will launch exclusively on Wii U XL

Full 1080p touchscreen with Multitouch technology

27-Inch touch screen with improved controls

4 Built in cameras


WiiStalk, Access other peoples Wii U cameras and see what they are doing anytime!!!

WiiPii, Monitors amount of liquid you intake and outtake

Nintendo will announce more features, which will be unavailable at launch, at E3 2013. The Wii U XL 3D launches sometime this summer.

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