Deus Ex: Human Defiance – Potential Sequel?

As a long time fan of the Deus Ex series, I was incredibly excited to see this (featured above) image pop up on the Deus Ex Facebook page. With speculation of a sequel to the extremely well-received 2011 title, Deus Ex – Human Revolution, fans can only help but scream out in joy over the possibility of a follow-up game. While the newest was originally purchased in February, it originally believed to be an elaborate April Fool’s prank or some sort of movie, however, many are adamant that the teaser is the first look at a brand new sequel.

While the nay-sayers and critics would like to point and laugh at our premature excitement, we can be assured that this is going to be an actual game. Firstly, we look to the game’s publisher, Eidos and it’s relationship with it’s acquirer, Square Enix. In early 2009, Square Enix acquired the British-based Eidos for a hefty £84 million (nearly $130 million in US currency)! Since then, despite coming out with new games, Square Enix is in the downdraft of their success and while we would like to think that they could tease something like this as an elaborate April Fool’s prank, the fact remains, they simply can’t afford it.

Secondly, after viewing the Facebook page, Deus Ex finally responded to the many outcries of it being a fake or a hoax. When one user commented, “Better be a game, not a movie”, Deus Ex replied with, “Oh, it is!” and allowed the fandom to safely breathe a collective sigh of relief at our good fortune. While there is potential for a new character and a new plot to be brought forth, many are placing their bets on a sequel focused mainly around the biotic-armed, flip-glassed character, Adam Jensen, the protagonist of the previous game.

More is expected to be revealed tomorrow and I urge any fans to keep their eyes on the Deus Ex page on Facebook for further information. Until then, I can only cross my non-biotic fingers, and mumble, “I didn’t ask for this” and hope that this game will be as fantastic and as technologically impressive as it’s predecessor.


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