HYPERKIN ANNOUNCES THE RETRON 5 With 5 Retro Gaming Platforms in One

Hyperkin Retro 5

I don’t know about you, but I know many gamers who still love to play all of the old classics for SNES and other retro platforms. Playing them on next-gen consoles/platforms is also just not the same. While I will admit I spend the majority of my time playing new games for next-gen platforms, who does not love the classics. The days of Duck Hunt and the joy I had playing those games when it was the best to offer in gaming at that time are priceless moments to me. Aside from myself, as I said before I know a ton of people who just cannot get enough of the older platforms of gaming and have little interest in the new, next-gen titles developers work so hard to create so publishers can pump them out as fast as possible.

The new Hyperkin Retron 5 (updated from the Retron 4) is an all in one console. This bad boy can support up to five retro gaming platforms including NES, SNES, Genesis, Game Boy Advance and finally supports Japanese Famicom cartridges which hardcore retro fans will be super pleased to hear. You can additionally play Super Famicom, Mega Drive, Game Boy and Game Boy Color cartridges on the console too! This is practically a must for anyone that still pulls out their SNES or Game Boy. It includes an HDMI output as well as a wireless Bluetooth Controller and more. View the official press release below.


EL MONTE, CA (MARCH 2013) – Hyperkin surprised attendees at this year’s Midwest Gaming Classic by foregoing development of the RetroN 4, and instead, announcing the RetroN 5 during their presentation on Saturday, March 23, 2013. The RetroN 5 will now support Japanese Famicom cartridges, along with the NES, SNES, Genesis, and Game Boy Advance platforms. Users will also be able to play Super Famicom, Mega Drive, Game Boy and Game Boy Color cartridges on the console as well.

Along with the features already announced on the RetroN 4, Hyperkin also revealed several key features of the RetroN 5 which include the ability to save games at any point during gameplay, audio interpolation to improve sound output quality, shaders to up convert video signals to show clearer images of up to 720p resolution, button reassignment, and manual and passive overclocking to speed up or slow down the speed of games. Also revealed is more information on the Bluetooth wireless controllers; a Microswitch Directional Pad will be utilized instead of a traditional directional pad, and Macro Buttons have also been included. Users will also be able to use any controller to play any of the compatible systems, as well as given the option to remap buttons on any of the original controllers as well.

“We found that we could add the Famicom cartridge slot without hindering our current development cycle,” stated Steven Mar, Hyperkin’s Executive Director. “We wanted to allow gamers all over the world to be able to play their favorite games with a myriad of different options to enhance the overall gaming experience.”

RetroN 5 Points of Interest:
·         2 Original Controller Ports for Each Platform (6 Total)
·         Includes 1 Wireless Bluetooth Controller
·         5 Cartridge Ports for NES, SNES, Genesis, GBA and Famicom
·         HDMI Output with upconversion on HDTVs
·         PAL and NTSC Cartridge Compatibility

More in-depth information on the presentation at the Midwest Gaming Classic can be found on Hyperkin’s blog. Up to date information of the RetroN 5 can be found on their Facebook page as well as on Twitter.

About Hyperkin
Since its launch in 2009, Hyperkin quickly has become a widely recognized and trusted brand of video game peripherals. Hyperkin is constantly developing new product ideas, emerging technologies and finding innovative ways to enhance the video game experience. Hyperkin believes that its most important asset is its business partners and is dedicated to developing long and successful relationships with each client. The company’s executive office is located in El Monte, CA. For more information, please visit: www.hyperkin.com or call 877-337-1238.

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