Digimon World Re: Digitize Decode info

Just when you think 3DS hasn’t got the library of games coming that a rare and unique fan hold dear we at gamersbliss confirm for you guys a Digimon 3D game is coming to Japanese consoles in the summer time, further information will be provided within the article so keep on reading.

Details regarding the 3DS title have been scarce but we at gamersbliss.com do our best to provide the gaming public with any and all information that they can use as weapons of hype and excitement, the latest issue of V-Jump confirms that the new hero will be Rina Shinomiya (voiced by Haruka Tomatsu). She and her Digimon partner Veemon (Thinking Davis is going to have something to say about that.) enter the digital as a space-time continuum opens and of course causes some problems for our hero and possibly others.

If that wasn’t bad enough the scheming Demon King is the newest chapter exclusive to the 3DS version, Within, Daemon, Lilithmon, Belphemon, Beelzemon, Lucemon FD and Leviamon have all been awoken by Barbaramon which doesn’t spell good news for Digimon fans because you already know when Beelzemon is in this group of baddies were going to need all the help and Digimon partners we can get to save the digital world from these threats.

The game will release in Japan June 27th, no word on a North American release date but to get up to date keep your eyes open to gamersbliss.com for all the up to date gaming news and for even more news and updates follow me on twitter (@MrDarkPhoenix)


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