Halo 4 Getting a Free Forge Island Map April 11th

Halo 4 Forge Island (Free)

If you are a Forge freak in Halo 4 creating custom maps and other creations, you will be happy to know that a free map will be available to all Xbox Live gamers coming this April 11th. It’s called the Forge Island Map and consists of three separate islands. The first island is the largest of any of the three and has wide open spaces, free of obstructions giving you a wide variety of map creations. This was first announce at PAX and creating a version of the classic ‘Blood Gulch’ or Hang ’em High map would be ideal for the larger island.

Halo 4 Forge Island Large

The community asks for flat surfaces and that is exactly what this Forge Island represents. While the large island would be where most of the action happens, you can creatively pay attention to your budget and directly connect both of the smaller islands to the large one, making for very interesting gameplay. Forge Island gives Halo 4 fans a wide range of options to create a ton of unique ideas.

Halo 4 Forge Island Small Islands

This free Forge Island map will be available on April 11th, which arrives a few days after the next major DLC drop for Halo 4; the Castle Map Pack, which is included in the War Games Pass (Season Pass) that will be available on April 8th for 800 Microsoft Points should you not have the War Games Pass.

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