The Phantom Pain / Ground Zeroes Confirmed to be Metal Gear Solid V

the phantom pain

At the GDC presentation for the Fox engine. Hideo Kojima showed up in bandages similar to the character found in the trailer released during the Spike’s 2012 Video Game Awards. It is official that The Phantom Pain is really Metal Gear Solid V. The logo is shown in red to reveal the title in the background. In fact during the trailer it is revealed that Metal Gear: Ground Zeroes is actually is Metal Gear Solid V. Shortly after seeing Metal Gear Solid V revealed in the title Hideo Kojima asked “Did you like?” More on MGSV as it develops.

For more on Metal Gear Solid V read our unofficial announcement of Ground Zeroes as well as the first trailer debut trailer for Ground Zeroes here.

UPDATE: Below is the first Official trailer for Metal Gear Solid V

[youtube id=”Hm6AeNT0Jqo” width=”600″ height=”350″]

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