How and why a Darth Maul Star Wars Force Unleashed game can Work

I’m not the only gamer who loves Star Wars? The Force Unleashed has a great premise behind it, the apprentice of a bad ass Sith Lord takes it upon himself to serve his master by killing and covering up various Sith activities. Darth Vader and Starkiller had a great run but we feel like it’s time for another Sith Lord to take the step from apprentice to master.. Presenting how Star Wars the Force Unleashed 3 can feature none other than Darth Maul.

“Once the apprentice, now the Master”
Marcus White

Darth Maul the bad ass from Phantom Menace is a unique Sith Lord in his own right mastering the unique style of Juyo with his trademark saberstaff and his acrobatic skills and hand to hand combat skills this all makes for a fluid game for gameplay so far.


Darth Maul’s story within this adventure can be told from several perspectives his apprentice and himself due to his injuries during the Phantom Menace we can say his apprentice is searching the galaxy for their master and uncovering secrets while killing those who know too much (Star Wars has such an expansive universe and they are not afraid to create a new story and add new characters.) As you go further into the game you discover more of the lost master you are sworn to protect and bring him back to his former aggressive glory.


Staff and acrobatic combat shouldn’t be hard to implement seeing as how it’s Star Wars we need to have the force and Darth Maul has the force.. not known is the extent to use force lightning but he can still move and push objects and enemies forward so he can go in for the kill. Darth Maul can also use his staff if it should ever be cut in half, while the apprentice hasn’t mastered this yet should your staff saber break or should you be unique in your own right and duel wield but during combat you combine them into a staff like your master?

“Stealth is the greatest tool of the Sith assassin.” —Darth Sidious

That should be taken into account with the option of killing enemies stealthy or action based.


Darth Maul’s secret facility on Coruscant would be a great place to unwind and with his mechanic skills the apprentice should be able to construct vehicles, attack droids etc.


Star Wars always manages to create unique story’s and have the iconic characters featured and characters like Mace Windu, Luke, Stass Allie, Depa Billaba fell to the dark side and into a coma this can be a core story mechanic. Ben Skywalker is a fighter and a detective a mission involving the children of the Skywalker line would be excellent for the story and fan service.

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