Fanboys: What we want in Advance Wars 3DS or Wii U

Advance Wars 3DS or Wii U?

Welcome to a new series from GamersBliss, Fanboys. This series will encompass everything fanboys would want from a series. Whether it is movies, video games, comics or even TV shows. We want to present our ideas not as canon but as what kind of direction we would like to see a franchise go in. While you may not agree on all of our ideas, we would like you to input your ideas on what you would like to see. So strap on you helmets and get your bazookas ready we are entering the fanboy realm of Advance Wars.

Intelligent Systems created some amazing titles including installments in the Fire Emblem, Paper Mario and Advance Wars franchises.  Seeing that Fire Emblem: Awakening and Paper Mario: Sticker Star have finally entered the library of the 3DS, one franchise remains. Advance Wars is a game that has been cherished since the hay days of the GameBoy Advance. With Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising perfecting the original in every way, and some how Advance Wars: Dual Strike managed to blew us away with even more with supers and two different battlefields. In 2008, the franchise took a turn for the worst in Advance Wars: Days of Ruin and since then fans have been eager to see if Intelligent Systems can finally give gamers what we have been craving, a true sequel.

Wii U or 3DS?

3DS or Wii U? Advance Wars          We say BOTH!

When it comes to choosing which platform Intelligent Systems should be developing the title for well it is an obvious choice. After all both platforms can take advantage of two different screens, gyro motion, and both even have cameras. So how bout we see the title on both systems? Yea as greedy as that might sound we have already seen two different titles do this. One being the same game practically in Monster Hunter 3: Ultimate and the other being Lego: City Undercover, though the latter allows for two different story experiences. Advance Wars U and 3DS can build on each others story and even create a more compelling universe than found in previous titles. Having a cross-platform experience would benefit Nintendo in more ways than one as they have been trying to connect the handhelds to the home console since the days of the GameCube and the GameBoy Advance days. Thankfully we don’t need those pesky cables now a days.

Return to Macro Land

Regardless if the game is developed for the Wii U or the 3DS or both, Intelligent Systems needs to get back to basics. This means abandoning the lousy reboot Days of Ruin tried to instill and return to Macro Land. Fill the world full of color and new sprites to show gamers that this is a true sequel. While games of the past have visited Macro Land we would like to see the maps feel like a war has been waged on them similar to what Days of Ruin tried to do, yet with more color.

Return to Macro Land Advance Wars           The Colorful Battlefield of Macro Land

Bringing back a ravaged Macro Land and perhaps a standing Black Hole Army after the defeated CO’s in previous titles would be awesome. Allowing Sturm to rule with an Iron Fist and allow gamers to take back what is rightfully theirs, Freedom. Let gamers experience a new guerrilla warfare tactic and see what it is like in the Advance Wars universe as a rebel force, that transforms into a great nation with a massive army. Of course, with the occasional traitor or two thrown in the mix, we want to feel betrayed by our friends and see them redeem themselves in some way. Let the War drama ensue!

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