Top 5 Best Friends in Gaming

There is nothing like a true best friend. A BFF is a person that is by your side through thick and thin; someone who cares about your thoughts and someone who is willing to go through anything just to make your day. Best friends come in all shapes and sizes but they all share the mutual want to brighten their BFF’s day. Gaming is a place where you could truly witness why specific characters are considered to be best friends. Since gaming has become such a predominant form of entertainment developers have worked hard to make characters relationships seem real. Video games have a way for creating characters and placing them in unreal situations and having them bond together and pull through. Despite the problems the characters face together it is their friendship that always withstands the hardship.

There are a lot of characters in gaming that have best friends right by their side but which set of best friends are gaming’s most memorable?

Vito and Joe- Mafia II

Mafia II

In 2K Games’ third-person action adventure game Mafia II, players will see an unbendable friendship between the protagonist and supporting character. The main character Vito and his best friend Joe show an amalgamate bond throughout the brutal rules of the Mafia. Joe is Vito’s perfect sidekick. He is a funny guy who comes up with the right things to say at the right times which fuses the two together; like peas in a pod. The two’s attitude offsets one another very nicely making it easily visible to see that these two were made to be best friends forever.

Mafia II did a wonderful job of showing the friendship between Vito and Joe form into something defiantly united. The way the two handled situations together and the way they communicated with each other was something that made the game seem like a real friendship!

Sonic and Tails- Sonic the Hedgehog series

Sonic and Tails

There is hardly a more memorable friendship than the one seen throughout the Sonic series like Sonic and Tails. The two may not be human but their human characteristics and their mutual want to make the world a safer place is definitely something that holds the two together. Tails poses as a second to Sonic as Sonic is the main hero of the series but being the heroes BFF makes Tails an important portion of the series as well. Tails is nifty with gadgets and he always has something new and cool to show Sonic that might help them on their journey to find the Chaos emerald to somehow save the world.

The two best friends fight for a mutual goal which puts their minds in the same place. Their friendship is never really built upon but the player always knows that the two are best friends forever.

Woods and Mason- Call of Duty: Black Ops series

(Black Ops & Black Ops II spoiler alert read at your own risk)

Woods and Mason

Call of Duty: Black Ops’ Frank Woods and Alex Mason have gone through the ringer together. These two have gone through looking like “hammered shit” together to surviving mental breakdowns. These two are the prime example of the ones you battle with turn out to be the best of friends. From seeing how much the two were able to survive together to hearing the way they react to one another, even when ones head might not be in the right place, these two were able to grow together and become deadly soldiers together.

With the death of a third best friend, Bowman, the two have experienced more than just physical brutality but also an emotional letdown which they got through together. Unfortunately, the way it had to end with them probably left a huge burden on Woods’ mind… that is if you decided to shoot Mason in the head in Black Ops II instead of the chest. If Mason does survive the snipe from his BFF their friendship is carried on during their senior years.

Marcus and Dom- Gears of War series

Marcus and Dom

There is almost no better bond than the one in the Gears of War series shared with Marcus and Dom. Their friendship is one that could be described as known from the start but grows throughout the series. They have a complete understanding of each other and a way to make jokes at the appropriate times while being serious at the others. Their friendship is seen in the first minutes of Gears of War’s first release when Dom saved Marcus from prison. After Marcus’ longtime friend helped him out of prison the player is able to see their relationship truly form.

For all the Gear heads out there you can also get insight on Marcus’ and Dom’s relationship by reading the Gears of War books as well as the Gears of War comics. Not only will you get to know the Locust battle all the better but you will learn about the two characters and how they came to be friends as well.

Ash and Pikachu- Pokémon

Ash and Pikachu

Who said a friendship couldn’t be between man and beast… or more so boy and Pokémon? Ash’s relationship with Pikachu is something that you will rarely see throughout entertainment as a whole. These two have gone from being resistant to one another to gaining trust with each other that no one ever thought was possible. It is totally normal to feel attached to Pokémon but something about Ash and Pikachu’s connection is different. The two are not able to be separated. Throughout the animated TV series through the Pokémon Yellow game, these two have gone above and beyond to be the best that they could be and one would not be there without the other. They have gone through emotional moments to moment of pride and joy; they have lost fiends and gained new ones, all while at teach others side.

Take a moment to think about your best friend and why they are your best friend. Use that moment to appreciate them because a best friend is truly a special person. This article is dedicated to my best friend and sister, Sarah Spears!

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