Fan Outrage Aims Fire at Saints Row IV

Saints Row IV has been a huge buzz in the gaming industry since the teaser trailer was shown last week. While there are some who show excitement for the senseless, corny spinoff, true fans of the series are outraged by the company’s lack of fan interest. There are people who do not understand why these fans are upset. They are upset for the simple reason of being betrayed. While they used their money to bring this game to the top, to be compared to genre greats like Grand Theft Auto; the development team has repaid them by turning their back on those who stayed true.

After the series rose to a high level of fame by showing off true potential to be a superpower in the industry with Saints Row 2, they attempted to light a fire under the series and boost it even more with Saints Row: The Third. Although the sales skyrocketed the true fans were left wondering what had happened to their favorite series. Giving the new exaggerated game a chance, fans of the past games purchased the nonsense with deep prayers that the series would not change much after the stunts of The Third.

The Third wasn’t great but it wasn’t bad. With the subtraction of zombies, Gat dying and the horrible DLC; the game would have probably would have kept its high number of sales but maintained a respect from the fans that brought them to the top. People are asking why true fans are so upset and it’s because instead of making a balanced game as the next installment of the series Volition has taken Saints Row IV and made even more of a mockery of the game than they did with Saints Row: The Third.

Saints Row IV

Now, the true fans are outraged and they aren’t afraid to show it. Saints Row has always had a passionate audience and now that these people are mad at the new game instead of each other they are grouping up to attack the series. There are negative comments on the official Saints Row Facebook fan page, threats over Twitter and more. Fans are going as far as to say that the game is “Saints Row 3.5” and that they refuse to buy a game that has done nothing but sold itself out. Everywhere you see the name Saints Row IV negative comments from the only people that truly matter, the players, follows.

The true fans are back and ready to strike; most of them wondering why Volition didn’t get their exaggerated thoughts out with a new IP instead of ruining the most successful one they created. There have been countless Facebook groups created to bash the new game. For a game that once had so much love and respect for being different, new and funny in a genre that was quickly becoming a has been, Saints Row IV has proven itself to be a disappointment.

We know people have very heated opinions about Saints Row IV and we want to hear them. If you are someone who is disappointed that Volition turned their back on you by creating a game based on a U.S. President fighting off aliens instead of the cool gangster VS. gangster feel of the previous games we want to hear your opinion. Does a game based off of a president fighting aliens even sound good at all? Has Saints Row taken over-the-top too far with this one? Will the game have any respect at all?

Shoutout to all the wonderful fans over on the Facebook group, Saints Row: Fan’s Choice. These are passionate people about the Saints Row series and gaming culture. They present new ideas and start interesting discussions regarding Saints Row as well as other games. If you feel strongly about how the Saints Row series is presenting itself with Saints Row IV head over to the group and make yourself part of the family.

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