Fan Outrage Aims Fire at Saints Row IV

Saints Row IV has been a huge buzz in the gaming industry since the teaser trailer was shown last week. While there are some who show excitement for the senseless, corny spinoff, true fans of the series are outraged by the company’s lack of fan interest. There are people who do not understand why these fans are upset. They are upset for the simple reason of being betrayed. While they used their money to bring this game to the top, to be compared to genre greats like Grand Theft Auto; the development team has repaid them by turning their back on those who stayed true.

After the series rose to a high level of fame by showing off true potential to be a superpower in the industry with Saints Row 2, they attempted to light a fire under the series and boost it even more with Saints Row: The Third. Although the sales skyrocketed the true fans were left wondering what had happened to their favorite series. Giving the new exaggerated game a chance, fans of the past games purchased the nonsense with deep prayers that the series would not change much after the stunts of The Third.

The Third wasn’t great but it wasn’t bad. With the subtraction of zombies, Gat dying and the horrible DLC; the game would have probably would have kept its high number of sales but maintained a respect from the fans that brought them to the top. People are asking why true fans are so upset and it’s because instead of making a balanced game as the next installment of the series Volition has taken Saints Row IV and made even more of a mockery of the game than they did with Saints Row: The Third.

Saints Row IV

Now, the true fans are outraged and they aren’t afraid to show it. Saints Row has always had a passionate audience and now that these people are mad at the new game instead of each other they are grouping up to attack the series. There are negative comments on the official Saints Row Facebook fan page, threats over Twitter and more. Fans are going as far as to say that the game is “Saints Row 3.5” and that they refuse to buy a game that has done nothing but sold itself out. Everywhere you see the name Saints Row IV negative comments from the only people that truly matter, the players, follows.

The true fans are back and ready to strike; most of them wondering why Volition didn’t get their exaggerated thoughts out with a new IP instead of ruining the most successful one they created. There have been countless Facebook groups created to bash the new game. For a game that once had so much love and respect for being different, new and funny in a genre that was quickly becoming a has been, Saints Row IV has proven itself to be a disappointment.

We know people have very heated opinions about Saints Row IV and we want to hear them. If you are someone who is disappointed that Volition turned their back on you by creating a game based on a U.S. President fighting off aliens instead of the cool gangster VS. gangster feel of the previous games we want to hear your opinion. Does a game based off of a president fighting aliens even sound good at all? Has Saints Row taken over-the-top too far with this one? Will the game have any respect at all?

Shoutout to all the wonderful fans over on the Facebook group, Saints Row: Fan’s Choice. These are passionate people about the Saints Row series and gaming culture. They present new ideas and start interesting discussions regarding Saints Row as well as other games. If you feel strongly about how the Saints Row series is presenting itself with Saints Row IV head over to the group and make yourself part of the family.

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  1. The word entitlement comes to mind. You are seriously going to suggest, that after Saints Row 1 and 2 living in the shadow of GTA sales wise, and then 3 finally resonating with consumers, that they would EVEN HAVE THE OPTION to double back on the design direction of the series?

    No one, and I repeat NO ONE! on the business end of the Saint’s Row series is letting the series turn into a hardcore ultra realistic GTA clone that doesn’t sell as well. They tried that, it failed critically and commercially, and then they tried something (gasp) !new and different! and it actually worked. From a financial perspective, they have absolutely no reason to kill their momentum in the market. From an artistic point of view, they have tapped into something different, whether YOU like it or not, a certain group of people noticed, and sales reflected that change.

    Again, you, or any other “true fan” (LOL) of the series has no rights nor reason to expect anything but what this company decides for their own franchise. Once that decision is made BY THEM, then YOU decide with your MONEY if you agree with their decision, and the company sinks or swims.

    True Fan… LOL !

    • Alex Doyle // March 28, 2013 at 1:14 pm // Reply

      You sir, are a profound and phenomenal example of the absolute worst type of consumer in modern gaming. Shut up.

  2. MartinB105 // March 26, 2013 at 9:08 am // Reply

    The implication that Saint’s Row 2 was better than The Third is contradicted by the Metacritic scores. I’m guessing this is one of those cases where “true fan” actually means “person who shares my opinion”.

    The only legitimate concern about Saint’s Row IV at this point is how soon it’s going to release. It doesn’t really give us confidence that the game will be receiving the same amount of development effort as the previous instalments. It gives rise to suspicions that they’re trying to make some quick cash by exploiting the brand.

  3. You two are both incoherent assholes. Incoherent because what you say has no standing value. There’s no foundation on the words you aimlessly spew out of your corrupt and desensitized minds. Saints Row was a great franchise….WAS. They sold out….and they were NEVER a GTA clone. For one thing, Saints Row has always had player/vehicle/crib customization going for it. Rockstar has never implemented that into GTA.

    Heather, you ARE a true fan; because you stuck with Volition, Inc. from the beginning, and yes. Sadly, they HAVE turned their back on the fans who brought them to where they are at today. Instead of getting recognition for being true to the series, we get a slap in the face, ridiculed by “Saints Row fans” and a DLC pack with little more than superpowers, aliens and a demented storyline as a “next installment” of the once loved by fans everywhere, franchise.

    R.I.P. Saints Row

    -Tony K

    ~SR Fan’s Choice

    • MartinB105 // March 26, 2013 at 3:16 pm // Reply

      It’s amusing to see some little whiny self-entitled prick who thinks his opinion is an objective authority on a subject call others assholes. 🙂

      The only thing that is “true to the series” by definition is what the developers who make the series choose to do with the series. Saint’s Row The Third is true to the series whether you like it or not. Critics and gamers alike agree.

      Deal with it.

      • Jaymes Whitfield // April 29, 2013 at 7:25 pm // Reply

        The only reason we do this is to state our point.Sr3 flipped the whole story around from gangster to a 14yr old game.Sr2 resulted into a good storyline and kept on track.The only thing Volition cares about is themselves.They only care about the things in the present.When they did this, all the fans who actually appreciated the first 2, were left disappointed.And that’s who we are.The people who are disappointed.

        Jaymes Whitfield
        -Fan’s Choice

      • Sonofabitch. This! This is the kind of incompetency that is causing Volition to “lose their roots”! You calling me a “whiny self-entitled prick” is just as flawed as the path the once well-loved by all, franchise has taken a desperate turn for. In a shameful attempt at creating a higher cash flow by appealing to little ignorant twelve year olds who think if the game has bouncy breasts and fart in a jar, the rest doesn’t matter. All that matters to them is that they laugh for awhile. I can almost FEEL the next generation becoming more and more animalistic and basically being brainwashed to just fork over their money over anything that has a reference to dildos in it. People’s intelligence is on a downward descent. It’ll be the death of us all. Thanks for leading us to our impending doom.

        • MartinB105 // May 6, 2013 at 3:43 am // Reply

          I’m not sure where these implications come from that Saint’s Row was ever supposed to be an intellectually stimulating series of games. When I want intellectual, I do something that isn’t playing videogames.

          Playing Saint’s Row 3 for the enjoyable experience that it offers – regardless of how “shallow” it might be – has never inhibited my intellectual abilities as a C++ programmer and game developer.

  4. How quick to bash out FC & True Fans. Its just as Tony said up above ^ . But there was Fans of GTA & Fans form SR, now GTA & SR had two diffrent fan base. so please tell me how SR/SR2 was just Clones of GTA. I mean if SR was diffrent MC in each game & that you have diffrent Story with there MC then yes it would be just like GTA but its not because SR/SR2 was “YOU” and you alone that got into a Gang the soon to be Boss in the 2ed game. SR was a story about yourself and not about diffrent MC that GTA had. Oh dont get me wrong, GTA is awesome and alot of pople play it including myself. so take your clone talk to those little kids down then street. Thank You!

  5. “True fans” are the ones that stayed with a series since day number one, they stayed loyal. Its sad that volition sold out on us, and instead want to entertain fans who’s idea of a game is to smack someone in the face with a giant purple dildo. Saints row 4 is a pure insult, yes they may get good reviews by critics but who gives a shit. Volition sold their dicks for pussies. I’m not gonna be here and insult anyone with a different opinion than me, everyone is entitled to it. Sr2 wasn’t a gta clone, sr2 was way better than gta 4 and I’m a giant gta fan. Sr2 gave us the chance to create our own character, threw us some awesome characters, a deep but yet humorous story. The third gave us a half ass story, the main vllian got killed off in the beginning of the story. Heather I admire you for voicing your opinions and deal with negative feedback.
    Fan’s choice

    • MartinB105 // March 29, 2013 at 6:11 am // Reply

      Your definition of “true fans” is wrong.

      “True fans” are the people who are truly fanatical about something. If you’re not truly fanatical about the Saint’s Row franchise due to changes in the series, then you’re not a “true fan” of Saint’s Row by the real English definition of the term “true fan”.

      You can’t change the definitions of well-established English words to suit your own agenda.

      “Former fan” is probably the term you’re looking for.

  6. Alex Doyle // March 28, 2013 at 1:03 pm // Reply

    Okay first off: Great article Heather, couldn’t agree with you more.
    It’s hard to believe that some people actually like this crap (SR4), that they could have become so de-sensitised that they’ll buy anything if you strap it up with enough bright colours and shiny things to keep their tiny minds entertained for five minutes, next thing you know they’re posting 5-star reviews saying how much they enjoyed it rather than expecting a game to be more than an incoherent mess of ram-shackled parts of a game that have been inexpertly thrown together and marketed to the lowest common denominator for a quick buck, rushed out in less than 2 years. In addition to using the same graphics engine as a game that looked like shit when it came out 2 years ago, now it just looks ridiculous
    Saints Row used to be about more than this, it used to tell a story while maintaining a sense of humour and had multiple instances of high-level humour, social commentary and more than just fart jokes and tits. I thought the series couldn’t sink any lower when Volition farted out SR3, but now this… this monstrosity spits on everything I once held dear about the series, it’s lost all respect for itself and has become the unabashed whore of modern gaming, marketing itself to retarded Ritalin-popping 12 year olds. This game… this fucking game angers me on so many levels, but not nearly as much as you fucking rancorous mongoloids who praise it’s idiocy, they rape our once-glorious series and you stand and laugh and throw dollar bills onto the festering pile of filth the series has become. You have no taste in games whatsoever, you’ll buy anything if they dress it up right, there’s no sense of refinement, no charm, no finesse or sense of style, just an gaming equivalent of a jack-in-the-box, fun for about 2 seconds until something more interesting comes along, nothing memorable about it, forgotten and replaced within a year. This shit-pile sickens me to my core and I can feel my I.Q. dropping just by thinking about it. The more you idiots praise this crap the more gaming will deteriorate as a whole, you’ve ruined my favourite series, fuck you for what you’ve done.

    • MartinB105 // March 29, 2013 at 6:29 am // Reply

      Whilst I agree with you that dumbing down a product can sometimes result in increased consumer interest at the expense of quality, I find it hard to believe that The Third has so few redeeming qualities as to render it a substantially poorer gaming experience than Saint’s Row 2.

      Such statements and implications fly in the face of the critical reviews, which gave both games similar ratings.

      If your statements are true, then the implication is that the entire gaming media industry as a whole is incapable of doing their jobs properly, which I find difficult to believe.

  7. im actually VERY VERY VERY VERY DISAPONTED in what they took with saints row even WORSE than the 3rd super frickin powers in a matrix world its not like u can even get out of steelport & its the SAME DULL CITY SAME MECHANICS SAME EVERYTHING & whats worse of all NO GAT NO CUSTOMIZATION, NO Dex like nothing At all NO GANG ROOTS no wonder they killed Gat cause HES THE ONLY ONE THAT REMEBER THE SAINTS FOR WHAT THEY REALLY WERE -.- SMDH !!! FUCK VOLITION !! Appealling to fuckin 13 year olds & dumb kids which dont kno SHIT ABOUT THE FRANCHISE !!

  8. Bailey Grant // April 29, 2013 at 3:37 pm // Reply

    Hey Alex Doyle!You in the group ain’t u?

  9. So much is made of the success of Saints Row: The Third, but a lot of its success CAME from fans of the first two jumping on board for a third game and trusting it would be worth the ride. Especially after the second one, which was just fantastic.

    Where, if anywhere, will the success of Saints Row IV come from? Well, it won’t be from the original fans this time, that’s for sure! You know the saying: fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice …

    Volition is basically betting everything that they’ve created an entirely new and viable fanbase from scratch and can afford to completely ignore and abandon the old one. SR3 was still riding high on the trust and loyalty built up over the previous two games, but that ship has officially sailed. SR4 now has to succeed without help from almost ANY of the original fans of the series. Make no mistake: this is the first REAL test of Volition’s new “super wacky” approach.

    Maybe you think it won’t matter, and they’ll do just fine. Maybe you’re right.

    But if you think the success of SR3 proves by itself that all is well for Volition and SR4, you might want to think again.

    • MartinB105 // July 5, 2013 at 2:37 am // Reply

      “Where, if anywhere, will the success of Saints Row IV come from?”

      I’ll take a stab at this one… maybe from all the people who LIKED Saint’s Row: The Third?

      The entire basis for your argument seems to rest on the notion that Saint’s Row IV is destined for failure on account of Saint’s Row: The Third’s failure.

      But Saint’s Row: The Third was NOT a failure. It sold higher than Saint’s Row 2 and it has higher Metacritic scores. There is plenty of potential for the success of Saint’s Row IV because clearly a lot of people LIKED Saint’s Row: The Third.

      • That’s it – on the success of The Third. The Third was a letdown for old fans, meanwhile it was a great game for the shitty ”nah, we don’t need no education, meaning we are dumb and want easy games with no story and need of thinking twice before taking an action in-game, ’cause we’re bronies, dubstep listeners, and so on… shitty community forces the creation of shitty games!”.
        [EDITED In accordance with site policy]

        • MartinB105 // June 14, 2014 at 4:30 pm // Reply

          I’m just explaining how it is. I’m not saying that it’s right or wrong, or that it’s good or bad. I still haven’t played any of the Saint’s Row series, so I can’t even speak from personal experience; I’m just explaining what’s going on.

          The simple fact of the matter is that Saint’s Row 3 sold more than 2, so the developers will take it in the more marketable direction.

  10. Dre The Boss // July 8, 2013 at 2:42 pm // Reply

    I agree with ANON simply for the fact that I was one of those that looked forward to Saints Row: The Third simply because Saints Row 2 was an amazing game.

    I’m not saying that SRIV won’t sell, because it’s grown it’s own fan base. Plus there are those that will buy “just to complete their collection,” which I think is ludicrous. Buy it because you want it, not because it completes your collection.

    Saints Row: The Third definitely made some fans. You see it on the Saints Row page- “I’m so glad this game is goofy, that’s how sandbox games are supposed to be.” “Finally stepped out of GTA’s shadow, loving it!” “Murder Time bitches!”

    So yeah, there are definitely solid fans of Saints Row: The Third and soon to be the overly whacky SRIV.

    Thing is, what about the older fans? The ones that actually liked the progressive storyline in Saints Row 2? The ones that want closure on characters. Layered clothing, fight club, Gat!!!!

    Do you really think those fans are coming back to juice up SRIV’s sale numbers? Because I for one am not.

    And this isn’t hate. I’m not some 10yr old flicking off Volition because I didn’t get my way. I’m a grown man that deeply became enthralled in the Saints Row legacy.

    If you HONESTLY can’t see, like, can’t take your admiration away for 3secs to see that Volition COMPLETELY ignored fans of the first 2, put out Saints Row: The Third, then tried to milk it with 28 DLCs- and are now looking to do the same with SRIV, then there’s no point of conversing with you, or any SRIV fan. It then does become, “shut up, you’re stupid. No…you’re stupid!” Which leads us full circle without being able to take pros and cons and discuss things as adults or mature gamers.

    I’m not saying SRIV won’t be slightly fun. I’ve admitted to wanted to fly around, throw a car…Stone Cole Stun someone real quick.

    But I’ve also stuck by opinion that 1) it’s not longer an Saints Row game and 2) With no content. No substance. It won’t last forever. After you throw 10 cars, freeze 20 people. Fart on an alien, then what? Where’s the challenge? Where’s the replay factor? In a DLC that they’ll release every 20mins for $5?

    Think outside the box.

    GTA offers a HUGE map, different from previous games. A story line with 3 characters. I even saw Rottweilers and mountains and stuff in trailers. It’s ALWAYS bigger and better.

    Volition’s idea of BAB seems to be, “how crazy can we make it? Lets add a thought provoking storyline. No, better yet, lets add an ostrich that does ballet!”

    Check out our page homie. I’m not here to call you out or to call you names, but I’d venture to say SRIV will see a difference in sales because the original die hard fans aren’t coming back.

    Saints Row: Fan’s Choice

    We remember the Row.

  11. Saints row 2 was a pretty good clone of the GTA series, and if you ignored the zombie area and some of the other outlandish elements and the overabundance of DLC of SR 3 it was not bad either it was a little over the top and was essentially a satire of the GTA series .

    SR4 however went pants on head bonkers, making you the president of the USA who can fly and shoot Dragonball Z fireballs while fighting an alien invasion makes the game a mockery of its former self.

    All this game has done is to make fans anticipate the arrival of GTA 5 on PC with even more excitement.

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