PS3 Owners ‘Welcome to Greenvale’

Welcome to Greenvale

Deadly Premonition: The Director’s Cut will be hitting retail soon for PS3 gamers. Want to know how soon? Well let’s just say you can pre-order your copy at Amazon and GameStop today. A new trailer has appeared online today and what do ya know?  We are visiting that small town of Greenvale again! With numerous rumors of strange things going on in this town you might say its best to keep to yourself. But don’t tell that to special agent Francis York Morgan, as he is on a mission to find out what kind of creepy he can get himself into.

Don’t forget to check out mouth watering screenshots as well as the new website for Deadly Premonition: The Director’s Cut. As well as our exclusive preview of the game and our close encounter of the “Swery” kind, eat your heart out Steven Spielberg. Be on the look out for this title next month as it takes PlayStation 3 owners by storm. Until then your going to have to enjoy a cup of coffee as you watch the trailer below.

[youtube id=”0kWXnuSlAng” width=”600″ height=”350″]

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