New Mega Man Game is in Development

PAX East always comes through when it comes to revealing exciting new secrets. Today during PAX East at a Capcom panel it was announced that we will once again be seeing a Mega Man game. There was nothing specific that was said about the game besides facts about the re-releases of past Mega Man games, it was still exciting news.

While the company might not be ready to funny announce the game or any details regarding the game just knowing that there is a new Mega Man game in development should put a smile on fans faces. Remember that there are still those classic Mega Man games hitting the eShop to tide you over to the official announcement.

In the meantime of waiting for new about the upcoming Megan Man game an official announcement, get your hands on Mega Man 4 on April 25th and Mega Man 5 on May 16. Also keep your eyes peeled for the Mega Man 25th anniversary light-up action figure!

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