Final Fantasy X HD comes with a little added surprise

We at have heard the fan demand for why the news revolving around Square Enix’s promised and much-anticipated Final Fantasy X HD, While it has taken a while we know Square by now to withhold information only to feed us and fill us with twice as much information until were stuffed.

What if we were to tell you that Final Fantasy X isn’t the only remastered game coming to gamers for the PS3 and the PSVita? Square Enix sweetened the pot and is including Final Fantasy X-2 as an added game also! Not only are we getting both games in remastered HD graphics, on one blue-ray disc but it’s also coming to PS3 as one solid bundle.

Sadly though PSVita aren’t as lucky as both games will be sold separate as two games for the handheld system, it could possibly be the same price to make the transition difference easier on gamers wallets than having to worry about picking which one to pick from home-bound or portable bound. The last thing we can say is a rumor stating that the international content which included hours of extra gameplay like extra dungeons, and boss fights to already add to our 40+ hours of combined gameplay for the two games. Who knows Final Fantasy X HD could have a cross buy feature and can be available to both.

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