Beta Sign Up Live for Ascend: New Gods

Ascend: New Gods, the free-to-play action RPG coming soon to Xbox Live Arcade is accepting beta applications.  If you’ve had your eye on this title or are undecided, now is the time to give it a test run.

The title, developed by Signal Studios, has players step into the role of a Caos warrior who is on the road to Ascension. As a Caos warrior, players will choose to wage war for one of three Gods: the Goddess of Darkness, the God of Light, or the Lord of the Void. As players takeover the land and destroy their enemies, their deity’s influence will spread—and cause the landscape to change with it!

Like Demon’s Souls, players will encounter color-coded ghost images of other players in the same area as they are. The different colors show which god the player is aligned with. If players happen upon an allied Caos struggling in battle, they can send blessings to help them out. Naturally, it follows that a player can send a curse to a Caos who serves a rival god.

The multiplayer in Ascend: New Gods is quite unique. The game makes a point to reward players for sacrificing their Caos to their god. This sacrifice—which can occur at any point in the game—causes the Caos to become a computer-controlled warrior who harasses the players aligned with the other gods.  Instead of forcing players to start from scratch, they are rewarded with experience points and are allowed to infuse their new Caos with some of the power from their previous one.

All in all, despite talk of this being a clone of the God of War series, the game brings enough intrigue to the table to warrant a shot. Also, did I mention that it’s free-to-play? You can sign up for the beta by heading here.

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