Tomb Raider will not Receive Single Player DLC

Crystal Dynamics has plans on releasing multiplayer packs for their new release, Tomb Raider, but what about the favored single-player mode? The company has announced that they are not planning on expanding the single-player story through any sort of downloadable content.

On an ‘Ask Me Anything’ questioning on Reddit (via Joystiq) creative director, Noah Hughes stated that there are no plans regarding anything single-player related for Tomb Raiders DLC slate. Instead of getting the answer fans wanted about single-player DLC, Hughes explained about how important it is that Lara grows as a character. At this point in time, the DLC for Tomb Raider will be based on the multiplayer experience.

To ease your want for single-player DLC in Tomb Raider don’t fright too much as in the huge slate of DLC being released for the game there will be a few single-player items. Even if the single-player items might just be small things like costumes and things, at least that’s something. Also to hype players up just a little bit more, the possibility of a sequel featuring a whole new single-player campaign is pretty much foreseeable!

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