Top 10 Ugliest Video Game Characters

Video games are known for having some attractive characters. The fantasy worlds in video games tend to take attractive features of your average people and hype them up to be even greater than possible in actual reality. With that being said, there are some games that take that exact statement and do the complete opposite. As attractive as a lot of game characters are there are some that are as equally as ugly as Lara Croft is beautiful or Nathan Drake is handsome.

When we say ugly we mean humans with excruciatingly ugly features; not your average video game monsters. To us, zombies, aliens and other creatures aren’t considered ugly on this listbut more creepy or scary. These types of creatures do have ‘ugly’ features we are not considering them ugly because that could have to do with species more so than just being unfortunate. We are focusing on the human characters; the characters that we could potentially see walking around in everyday life if they were real (cartoons looks included). So what characters are the ugliest in gaming?

Lynch- Kane and Lynch series

Lynch Kane and Lynch

James Seth Lynch is one of the main characters in the Kane and Lynch series making appearances in Kane and Lynch: Dead Men and Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days. He is a convicted felon who served time in prison for the murder of his wife. His receding long hair is one of his absolute worse features, not to mention the pervert style glasses shielding his green eyed gaze. This character not only has the looks for others to wish to avoid him but being a medicated schizophrenic and a known psychopath doesn’t help in the popularity department. Although it is unknown whether he did or did not kill his wife, ( it is implied that he did) it is still a creepy thought to match his disgusting appearance. He’s got a hard look, long hair and a very filthy style.



Even though he is not realistic what’s so ever, Wario has one ugly mug. He is known for being chunky, short and a rival to Mario. Super Mario is a character that would not be considered attractive but he isn’t all that unsightly either. Wario is like a version of Mario where game artist, Hiroji Kiyotake, exaggerated all the features that made Mario unattractive and renamed him Wario. Even Wario’s gruff-toned voice is hard to listen to. This character was designed to be ugly, he can be known as bad Mario there for making him the lesser appealing of the rivals. His large, crinkly moustache, big belly, huge pink nose and muscular arms just aren’t proportioned in a way that would make him seem attractive (on purpose) and that is precisely why he cracks our top 10 list.

Sheeva- Mortal Kombat

Sheeva Mortal Kombat

Don’t let Sheeva’s scantily-clad outfit deceive you. This woman is way too muscular and all around huge to be considered attractive in any way. Granted she is only half human, Sheeva still has something about her that tends to be unattractive against most of the other females in video games. Games tend to overplay female beauty (which isn’t a problem) so comparing this Shokan to a lot of the other female characters out there places her near the bottom of the totem pole in terms of beauty. Her strange spots, extra limbs and ill-styled hair are points that prove to be unappealing. Being half dragon may sound appealing but in Sheeva’s case she some across a lot more masculine than beautiful; therefore she lands herself a spot on our top ten countdown. Being compared to some of the better looking girls on the same game like Kitana and Jade might have also pushed Sheeva down just a tad; Mileena too, as long as she wears her mask… In the light of things Sheeva might not seems so bad but when comparing her to other female characters in gaming she doesn’t have a lot going for her.

Teodore Smith- Dead Rising 2

Ted Dead Rising

Theodore Smith, also known as Ted, from Dead Rising 2 is as ugly as he is creepy. Dead Rising is known for its psychopaths and this one in particular is one of the lesser attractive weirdo’s. Prior to the zombie outbreak Ted was the tigers trainer. After the outbreak he went crazy and devoted his life to feeding the beautiful feline, Snowflake, fresh meat. But be careful of the things you say about this crazed psycho because he rages when he believes someone is making fun out of him. Don’t dare to make fun out of his weight, intelligence nor the fact that the poor fellow doesn’t have a chin. If he gets angry he will command his beloved tiger Snowflake to kill for her ‘fresh meat’. The pampered tiger won’t eat the spoiled zombies.

As a special note to this addition to our list, the Dead Rising series has a slew of ugly characters and it was very hard picking one of the many for the list. The psychopaths tend to be equally as unattractive as they are creepy. Honorable mentions to the list are psychopaths Jo Slade the perverted cop and Paul Carson the arson.

Seth Briars- Red Dead Redemption

Seth Red Dead Redmeption

This unhygienic grave robber in Red Dead Redemption is one of the ugliest characters in gaming. He has lost his mind for devoting his life to finding treasure. Having given up on most of the things people tend to love like their family, business and all other happiness to go find treasure had really played a toll on this characters life. After losing his sanity to treasure, Seth is seen overly skinny, shaky, fidgety and grimy. This is one character that you wouldn’t want to pass by on the streets. He has grown out hair tucked in disarray through a worn hat, missing teeth, red skin and deep stress wrinkles. This is one of those characters that you can imagine the stench on. Red Dead Redemption did a good job of matching Seth’s attitude with his look.

Any Fully Leveled up Female Protagonist in Fable

Fable Female

The Fable series can be considered know for having ugly characters. No character on the game is particularly attractive but none beat the hideousness of the fully leveled up female protagonist particularly in Fable II. As the player starts the game they are a young child, innocent and neither attractive nor unattractive; just a kid. The game progresses and the main character grows and starts learning to acquire new skills. These characters grow to be of super human size and their muscles are more pronounced than any other feature on their body. Male and female characters grow up to a squaring jaw, large manly mussels and deep veins. The women end up looking like messed up post transgender surgery disasters instead of the beautiful heroic women of the land like they should be. This is character creation gone very wrong. Never will we ever trust Fable to help us grow into the female protagonist that we have imagined again.

Larry Lovage- Leisure Suit Larry

Larray Lovage

Larry Lovage is one of the ugliest little creeps out there, inside and out. He is short and has a repulsing style while his main goal in life is to seduce women. Larry Lovage a character that no female would ever want to meet in person for his ill-willed goals. He is glued to wanting women, attractive women, and he will do or say anything to get them to sleep with him. This is a little perverted character that no gamer on the face of this earth could ever find even semi- attractive. Just look at his widows peek hair style and revolting grin. He even has a hairless body except for the long patch under his armpit; its like puberty gone very wrong. Is this even the type of character than anyone would even want to play as?

Edna- Bully/ Bully Scholarship Edition

Bully Lunch Lady

On many ugliest character lists, people like to pay tribute to Jimmy Hopkins of Rockstar Games’ Bully. Although Jimmy might not be the most attractive kid, he’s just a kid and he isn’t anything compared to the lunch lady on that very same game. Edna is overweight, covered with bad skin, oversized moles and there’s an unfortunate shape to her face. She is not only hard to look at but she also has a curt voice and gross attitude. She is the type of lady to spit in the cafeteria food, fart in front of anyone who cares to listen and pick her nose. All of these actions pay tribute to her ugly look and land her as one of our top 3 ugliest characters in gaming. To think the Jimmy goes as far as to set her up on a date. Rockstar did an amazing job getting this character exactly the way they wanted her. She turned out like the clechied gross lunch lady that nobody wanted to touch their food in school.

Dr. EggMan

Dr Eggman

Does anyone else want to gag at the site of this renowned Sonic villain? Dr Eggman has a disgusting mustache that covers his face, horrid glasses and one of the oddest bodies in the video game industry. His long string like legs hold up a perfectly circular body; where a neck should be a head starts. This character is drawn to be hated and is hated by Sonic loving fans. Dr Eggman always has the worst motive and thinks he is all that which no one ever likes in a person. He has a bad style and a bad attitude. This guy might be a drawn from a very imaginative standpoint but he is also a foul character. If Dr Eggman was human you can just imagine how gross he would look, how bad of an odor he would possess and just how hard he would be to look at.



Tingle is unquestionably one of the single ugliest characters in gaming. It only takes one look at the guy to know that this thing is ugly. From his outfit to his facial expression; this guy has nothing going on in the looks department. He has buck teeth and he is a very odd size. His outfit is fitted in every area to show off his disgusting form. There is not one single part of this character that could be described as easy on the eyes.

Our list of ugliest characters took a lot of debating and this is what we were able to come down to. While keeping the creepy and scary character out of mind, what do you all feel is the ugliest characters in gaming? Is there any character that was not mentioned on our list that you feel should have been there? Your thoughts are of the upmost importance to us so please leave a comment in the box below with your opinion!

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