Ubisoft makes ACIV pirates more mature and violent.. The Golden Age of Piracy indeed

The Golden Age of Piracy didn’t receive it’s title for giving kids candy and helping the poor achieve wealth no; blood, ship battles and ruthless men with everything to lose or gain ran things and Ubisoft knows that in order to give us the maximum amount of entertainment it’s going to have to give us a reality lesson as well as a history lesson in piracy.

As were already aware Edward Kenway is our new assassin and he’s a bad ass duel wielding pirate but in his adventure we wont see him or anyone for that matter ‘Walking the plank” or a bum legged pirate with a parrot on his shoulder talking about getting booty.. although we can see Edward has no problems in that area. Ubisoft wants to redefine piracy for us and make it real and dark just as we would expect so this isn’t your kid Captain Hook pirates this time around history is going to be dark voyage to all kinds of exotic ventures and mass murder.

We at gamersbliss.com agree that such a take on ruthlessness and brutality is needed to fully tell the story of piracy is needed and no hooks should be pulled in telling it, especially with Blackbeard in-game his name alone brings an M rating and a look into a dangerous individual.

Hoping more comes from Edward than one game fans have already taken to him for being a bad ass pirate and an assassin to boot, thinking this game is going to be a bloodbath and a ride to the Animus worth waiting for!

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