Top 5 Best Video Game Duos

What’s a hero without a sidekick? In almost every video game the main character has some kind of supporting character to help them along their way. Rather that supporting character be someone who is stuck to the other character the whole game or someone who pops up in a time of need. These character are some of the reasons why we fall in love with certain games.

Throughout gaming there have been a lot of characters that have grown near and dear to our hearts; not only for who they are but for who is there next to them providing support every step of the way. Dynamic duos are not uncommon in gaming. Out of all the great choices, what can we consider the top 5 best duos in gaming?

Jackie and the Darkness from The Darkness and The Darkness II

The Darkness

This comic book series gone video game presents players with a very unique take on partnership. Protagonist, Jackie Estacado, was overtaken by an ancient force that was present within his family for generations. This force known as the Darkness helps Jackie battle through the mobster war. He uses this unholy force to survive despite its need to feed off of dark tasks. Throughout the game players get to know Jackie as well as this ancient dark force. The two work together well even though their motives might not always be that nice.

The Darkness sneaks its way on to our list for the very reason that it has an unusual relationship with Jackie. While as usually in gaming the hero is brought in better light due to their partnership with another character, in The Darkness series, the Darkness gives the entire game a sinister feel. All in all, the games in this series turned out to have amazing game play along with an addictive story. Jackie and his relationship with the Darkness is an unforgettable alliance!

Lee and Clem- The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead

There’s nothing like working together to survive a zombie apocalypse. In The Walking Dead players will get to take control of an escaped convict known as Lee Everett. After the outbreak started, Lee was able to escape from a police officers car where he eventually met up with a little girl named Clementine. Clementine was surviving on her own with a zombie babysitter when Lee learned that her presents were killed. He took it upon himself to help the little girl survive. There was something about the way Lee was guilty mixed with the darkness of a zombie outbreak and the innocence of the little girl that made this duo one the pulled on the player’s heart strings.

The Walking Dead game itself had some unforgettable duos aside from Lee and Clem but there was nothing more heartwarming and heart breaking about those two together. Clem was a trooper who understood despite the circumstance, a character that was impossible not to love which is why she and Lee made it on to our list. Zombie games are known for working together so choosing one duo though the genre was tough. An honorable mention to our zombie game input to the list is Dead Risings Frank West and Otis.

Captain Price and Soap MacTavish from the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare series (spoiler alert)

Captain Price and Soap

There was something about Captain Price and Soap that made their relationship seem like a cohesive father son relationship. In Call of Duty 4 players take control of Soap and meet Captain Price for the first time. Throughout the series the two grew close despite times when they were separated. They ended up surviving traumatic situations together; these circumstance never seemed like mere mortals would ever live through. There are no friends like the ones you make in war and these two were a prime example of that. They fought together, they survived together and they were some fearsome warriors that worked together like no other.

These two cracked our list not only because of the popularity of the series but because of the way players were able to build and end their relationship. Although the game was never really about characters and background, fans got to know these two and they were connected to them. These two are probably Call of Duty’s most beloved duos; unfortunately all good things must come to an end. Being best friends or one looking up to the other; whatever it was between the two there was a relationship there that most people won’t have in a lifetime.

Master Chief and Cortana from the Halo series

Master Chief and Cortana

Not one character in gaming has worked together as well as Master Chief worked with Cortana. These two were odd balls to fall in love with but they won over players hearts like no other duo could. Cortana was the brains of the operation. Although not really real, Cortana was one of those characters that stuck to players like glue. She was a cute little hologram with a brain on her that could solve any problem. Throughout the series she helped the player, more so Master Chief, survive. They formed an unbreakable bold that fans could see with their eyes closed.

Master Chief and Cortana crack our list for the reason of being one of the most iconic duos in the video game industry. They cannot be described and best friends, nor do they take the role of lovers but there is something there that bonds the two together. They are fused into one and they are two characters that will never be forgotten as individuals or as one.

Link and Navi from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Link and Navi

The most iconic and memorable duo of all is Link and his fairy friend, Navi. From the moment the fairy woke the boy up from his tree house home, through all the battles they went through together to the end of the game Navi was there through everything. She was always available for a helpful hint… even when you didn’t quite need any guidance. The two of them were like peas in a pod. Link didn’t reall go anywhere on that game without the help of Navi and that’s what made the two of them such an unforgettable two. These two are unarguably the most memorable duo in gaming.

An honorable mention to Link and Navi’s relationship has to be Nintendo’s Mario and Luigi. The reason why they are not on the list, and appear as only an honorable mention, is because Nintendo’s favorite brothers are related and they work together in a more indirect way than the characters listed. Keeping them as honorable mentions assured us the chance to show of multiple different styles of games. If we did not do this, Nintendo could have taken over the top 5 themselves with how many great duos they give us!

Just because a character and sidekick weren’t listed on our list doesn’t mean that they aren’t great in their own way. What characters do you think are video games’ top duo? Leave your input in the comment box below. Here at, your opinion matters!

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