Guilty Gear 2 Overture

Although Guilty Gear 2 Overture may be old, the story that it shares with the audience is more moving then some modern-day games. Guilty Gear 2 overture is a free-roam fighting game in which you control a gear who can summon minions to aid you in your fight against evil.  The objective of the battles normally is to destroy your opponent’s master ghost but to do that your minions must capture the towers along the way. Players can aid their minions in conquering the towers by attacking it and weakening the defenses and taking out the enemy’s minions. Other times players must fight their opponent head on in combat with no master ghost involved at all.Throughout all battles, items are able to be picked up and used to aid in your battle.


The Campaign follows the characters Sol Badguy and Sin who are combating the forces of evil and trying to defend their kingdom from Valentine and her allies who are trying to awaken the gears to create chaos.Gears are magical beings from a different dimension. Sol’s name is rather ironic seeing as he is the main protagonist in the story. Along the way Sol and Sin meet Izuna who shows Sol how to summon minions so that he may combat the enemy. The Campaign’s story has multiple touching moments and each character has a background story and players can connect to them easily. At times players may get confused as to what is going on in the actual story because it jumps at times but with a few context clues it makes it easy to connect the dots.


The multiplayer is similar to the story’s battle style. Players can play online and choose between ranked match and player match. In ranked match there are two game types: single or team so, 1 vs. 1 or 2 vs. 2. In player match there are three game types, Points match, team or single, and can have two people on the same Xbox play online. Exhibition is just an offline way for players to battle either the computer or against friends. Replay Viewer allows for players to re-watch their matches against other players.



Finally the Free Mission option is a set of challenges for players to complete. Players can choose between the six main characters: Sol Badguy, Sin, Izuna, Dr. Paradim, Valentine and Ky. Players can choose between three difficulties to complete these challenges: Easy, Normal and Hard. Each mission has its own objective. Some want you to destroy as many enemies as you can before dying others just have you redo some of the stories battles.


Overall Guilty Gear 2 Overture is a good game. The campaign pulls you in and the battles are somewhat easy to figure out most of the time. Although the online multiplayer is kind of dead now it makes you wonder, what would have happened if this game caught on more? Would it still be around today? For the multiple game types that are present, it is at least worth 10 dollars and for fans of fighting games that have a story to them, then this game would be a great addition to any gamers library. End up giving it a 6.5 out of 10.

Guilty Gear 2 overture

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