5 Things Wrong with Saints Row IV

This article is dedicated to the true fans of the Saints Row series; the fans that have played the game since the beginning and the fans that realize how dramatic of a change the series took from who they were. This article is for those of you who would never dare call Saints Row a knock off of Grand Theft Auto and for the fans that are now feeling betrayed by the game they once dedicated themselves to. If this does not describe you and you jumped on the band wagon after Saints Row: The Third advertisements this article will more likely offend you than anything; so there is no need for you to keep reading. Volition sided with their new fans to gain profit. That was not a stupid choice for the company just a deceiving move to those of you that helped the company get to where they are today. For all of the fans that this does apply to; we are sorry for your loss. Also beware that this article will contain spoilers for Saints Row (1), Saints Row 2 and Saints Row: The Third.

Saints Row IV has finally shown itself off a little with its first ever teaser trailer and slight plotline infromation. Fans of the series waited for months to hear about the next installment to the beloved series and the day had finally hit. To accompany a corny teaser trailer, featuring phony weapons and giant mascot energy drinks, came a little information regarding the plot. You are no longer a feared gangster. You are no longer the men and women who worked their way to the top by killing anyone that stood in your way but you are now the president of the United States. Instead of using insane amounts of brutality to kill your dangerous opponents you will be saving humanity from an alien invasion. At first sight the trailer was wished to be a joke, unfortunately this was last year’s April fool’s joke was made into a reality.

There are plenty of things that a true fan would view as wrong about this game; even at this point in time where only vague amounts of information have been released. What does the true fan find so wrong about what the company has done to a fan favorite game?


Saints Row IV Screen

In the fast-cutting teaser trailer a wide use of the main character using super powers has been noticed. Superpowers were introduced in the Trouble with Clones DLC in Saints Row: The Third. The main character was granted the right to use superpowers while tracking down a clone of Johnny Gat. This was corny, it was never a favored part of the game and it was nothing that particular stuck out as being a favored or memorable aspect of the game. This was one of those features that were so unfathomable that fans really just didn’t want to remember ever happened. Apparently, the superpowers thing must have really blown over well with the development team because they are back and to a much large degree than what was played in Saints Row: The Third. The powers won’t just be for DLC but they will be used throughout the actual game and they will be accompanied by other unrealistic things like spurious weapons and vehicles that will never exist.

When your characters were following Julius’s orders or taking over huge corporations by pushing CEO’s out skyscraper windows, did you ever think that character would turn into a fool? Did you ever once think cool actions like stuffing emesis in trunks and decapitating your foe would ever turn into a character that was so unbelievable that they were actually a super hero with powers or did you feel that your character was just one of the coolest people in the world? Players gre wfound of their Saints Row character because they were believable and just cool enough to know that whatever was being done on screen was humanly possible. Saints Row IV says ‘not anymore’ and replaces that once cherished believability with superpowers, phony weapons and unrealistic vehicles.

Becoming the President of the United States

Saints Row IV President

Instead of being a feared gangster your character will take the role of the President of the United States in Saints Row IV. Having a character that was vicious and underground was a strong suit in the first two games of the series. When that character decided to sell-out in Saints Row: The Third there was always a feeling that they did not enjoy that famous life style. With the small bit of Gat that was shown in Saints Row: The Third he expresses that he doesn’t not like what has been done with the Saints and the main character agrees with him. Throughout the game it can be hinted at that the character questions what is being done with the gang and these aspects are some of the only things that kept true fans hopping for the next game in the series. Now, instead of being somewhat disappointed in what they have become all main characters will be selling themselves out just a little bit more by becoming the president of the United States.

No true fan appreciates the game forcing them to make their character sell themselves out. That was one of the largest complaints with Saints Row: The Third because players wanted their character to remain who they were. A wise one once did not take the offer of 80-20 that did not work in their favor and now they are taking that respect and whacking it in the behind with a giant purple dildo.

Alien Invasion

Saints Row IV Alien

Saints Row IV has replaced the brutal gang vs. gang battles with the main enemies on the next game being aliens. Whereas players used to cherish the brutal lifestyle of the Third Street Saints and the way they handled situations with their enemies, that is all gone and replaced with aliens. The most complained about part on Saints Row: The Third was the ending where Shaundi was saved and the gang began filming a movie based off of aliens called Gangster in Space. To accompany this least favorite part, Volition released a DLC pack furthering the film’s production. Our question to the development team is, why would you take the part of your game that fans hated most and make that the primary objective in your next game?

Aliens could be all good and fun to kill in other games but when you take a game like Saints Row and add aliens into that it just seems off. People grew to love the game from being real and funny at the same time. Volition forgot what real was and focused so much attention on funny that they lost sight on what their fans originally loved about their game. Unfortunately, the ones who have to suffer in all of this are the very ones who put the Saints Row series in the spot it sits today.

Lack in Fan Favorite Characters

Saints Row IV Screen

How much positive feedback do you think Saints Row IV would have gotten if their first teaser trailer was only a picture of Gat stating the words, “I’m back.”? Saints Row has forgotten how important the characters besides the players main create a character were and showed no sign of anyone remotely interesting returning in Saints Row IV. There have been everlasting questions present in the series revolving around characters that will probably never be answered and that’s all the fans really wanted from Saints Row IV. Whatever happened to Dex? Where is Donny? Will Gat ever return?

Not only are these questions unanswered but Saints Row: The Third took a turn for the worse with the change in Shaundi. A once fun loving girl that everyone felt a connection to turned into a diva who sought control and often time referred to you as stupid. They killed Shaundi at the start of Saints Row: The Third upon appearance and attitude change not at the end with an actual possible death. What’s worse the change in unanswered questions, the change in Shaundi or the sell-out of the main character?

Not Listening to the True Fans

Saints Row IV Screen

The worse thing about Saints Row IV is the fact that no true fan was listened to. While as there were doubts about how much a true fan would like Saints Row: The Third most everyone gave it an honest shot. It was a fine game, not what any true fan would have wished for; but there were improvements. What everyone wanted were the great improvements matched with the amazing plotline of Saints Row 2 but instead they got a game that doesn’t even deserve the title Saints Row. Saints Row had some of the most loyal fans we have ever seen. It was like they functioned like the gang they each represented. It was a community that was united and felt strongly about what they were experiencing but above all we were all proud to call ourselves Saints. Saints Row IV marks the first time that the fans aren’t untied. The true fans who stayed true to their colors feel betrayed. The new fans (once who only experienced Saints Row: The Third) don’t understand why the others are so angry.

We are heartbroken. There is no reason to buy a game that has shown such little care for those who helped get it to the point they are at. We are sorry Saints Row fans; you are cherished to us and feel your pain. Maybe someday Volition will realize how much sadness they brought to the only people who supported them through their slow beginnings.

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