Total War Fan with Cancer Turned into Rome 2 General

The Willow Foundation set up a very special day for terminal patient James. James was diagnosed with liver cancer when he was only 24 years old and had been undergoing tough chemotherapy sessions. He got in contact with the Willow Foundation and set up a trip to the Creative Assembly studios. James was a massive fan of the Total War series. Creative Assembly was ecstatic to invite James to their studio and set up a day just for him.

James got to play an early version of Rome II one day after the game was announced to the general public. He enjoyed the game tremendously and also had the oppurtunity to meet the various teams working on the game. James was then forever immortalized into the next installment of Total War.

James had his face precisely measured and was turned into a 3D model character within the game. The picture below shows the process.

2013_3_7_12_31_image_(860)_James (3)

The best part of the trip was that James got to have a fun and laid back day. He was able to take a break from all the stress of chemo and just relax. It’s a shame that many great people have to suffer the randomness that life presents us with everyday. To get a break from all the bad and enjoy one of your favorite hobbies is what gaming is truly all about. Sadly, James passed away shortly after his very special trip. May all fellow gamers storm the Barbian gates with James in your mind.

SOURCE:Willow Foundation

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