The Legend of Zelda: Seasons and Oracle of Ages coming to 3DS

Legend of Zelda fans have always loved to get new additions to the growing franchise, with the 3DS adaptation to Ocarina of Time and the HD rendition of Windwaker coming to Wii U in the Fall we certainly appreciate the love for our favorite hero link and our easy to grab princess Zelda.

While fans myself included are waiting for a hopeful Majora’s Mask 3D remake to hit the Nintendo 3DS primarily this news will keep us pretty occupied until such news surfaces (E3 anyone?) Vintage games The Legend of Zelda: Seasons and Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages are going to be added to the Virtual Console for 3DS, while a release date has not been announced this quote below should give us a summer release to shoot and hope for!

“The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons/Oracle of Ages are out now in Japan. Out plan is to release these two games in other territories some time before Summer!”  “The “Link System,” which connects the two games, allows you the enter passwords, or “secrets.”

Completing one of the games earns you a secret. Entering that secret in the other game lets you continue the story with the same character name and some of your items. Secrets earned while playing the second game can be used in the first game to unlock more items. There are many other variations including a different final boss battle and an extra hidden dungeon.”  “We hope you’re looking forward to linking up with these classic games! Thank you!”

Summer would be a good time to release a duo of games with Seasons in one of the titles! Stay tuned to for more and to find out earlier follow me on twitter (@MrDarkPhoenix)

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