Deadly Premonitions: Directors Cut Website Now Live

The official site for Deadly Premonitions: Directors Cut is now up and running. The game that is set to be released in April has now got an official site were fans who have been awaiting the game can get a hold of news about the game, information regarding the game, access to a media vault and of course, pre-order the game.

Head over to the Deadly Premonitions: Directors Cut brand new website to check out exclusive content for the game and stay tuned with for all your news regarding the upcoming release.

This game will be releasing for the PlayStation 3 and over PlayStation network towards the end of April. Having the official site up and running makes the wait seem all the less painstaking. Until the April release date, check out the official site for your detailed information about the game, top secret Greenvale police Department media and to lock in your copy of the game with a pre-order!

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