Does Popular Casting Network Out Next-Gen Xbox Price?

First of all lets clarify what a casting network is. A casting network is a website that aspiring entertainers use to book jobs. Models, actors, musicians and ect use casting networks to look for job opportunities to more commonly get work. The descriptions of these job are commonly kept vague so at this time so using the information provided we were able to make educated guess rather than complete confirmation.

A popular casting network called LA Casting posted a job opportunity titled Xbox. The description of the job was a commercial for an Xbox product. Each actor who got booked for the job was going to be paid in Xbox product. The Xbox product paid to said actors would be totaled at $600 upon the time when the commercial is released. This is the only completely, 100 percent confirmed information given at this time.

The suspicion of this commercial being for the next-gen Xbox is high. Why would Microsoft pay a ton of money for a commercial camping titled Xbox advertising the current-gen Xbox while the PS4 has already be announced and dated? What would the reason of paying to advertise current-gen hardware, that everyone is fully aware of, after your top competitor has better hardware about to hit the market? With the rumors of the next-gen Xbox announcement on the rise, it is easy to think that the company might want to pay for a commercial to advertise that next-gen hardware.

Secondly, the actors who are going to be hired for this role will be receiving a $600 dollar value in Xbox product. What current-gen Xbox product is worth $600? None, unless they will be rewarding their actors with multiple items that sum up to be that price. A $600 pay out of Xbox product seems more like a voucher to the next-gen Xbox than a bunch of current-gen items.

With commercials taking months to film and edit to get ready for the air it can be assumed that said commercial on this particular casting network will be releasing toward the end of summer and beginning of Fall. If Microsoft is to release a Next-gen Xbox this year to compete with Sony’s PS4 the timing of the filming of this commercial would place its air dates to persuade players to buy a next-gen Xbox at a $600 cost during the holiday 2013 time frame.

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