Has SimCity and Diablo III Ruined Always-Online DRM?

With a major increase of piracy in the last decade, most developers have taken matters into their own hands. Major companies like Blizzard and EA have taken it to the next level with their latest releases. Both require users to always have an internet connection to play. What this means is that if you can’t connect to internet, your out of luck. No way around it and no way to defeat it. Both these titles are impossible to pirate. Looking at the latest search results from a torrent website, that shall remain anonymous, confirms this statement. Publishers have figured out how to stop piracy. Congratulations! You have done it, you have stopped piracy! But how does this effect the consumer? In the end, The people who are dropping money on these titles should matter the most.

Since the release of Diablo III and SimCity, both have had tremendous issues. Diablo III was plagued with login issues and connectivity issues for about a week after release. The issues were then fixed and everyone went on with their lives. SimCity is a whole different story. Maxis has had problems with the game for the entire launch week. Most people have not been able to login to play their brand new sixty dollar game. That isn’t the main issue for SimCity though. Maxis has been repeatedly cutting back various features of SimCity after launch to ensure that the game plays better over a laggy internet connection. EA has unexpectedly dropped its online advertising campaign for SimCity and is promising a free game to all consumers who have bought SimCity aswell. EA isn’t expecting to fix this problem anytime soon. These appeasements to help consumers are pathetic. SimCity is an embarrassment to the entire gaming world.

Why did EA decide to do this? To save a couple million dollars? A couple million dollars to EA is nothing. There is absolutely no excuse for EA and Maxis to not have an offline SimCity. In a world where piracy is inevitable, adding more issues to the game is not just insulting to the consumer, It is insulting to everyone in the industry. While Diablo III and SimCity are great games, their always on DRM will leave a big nasty stain on their legacy, that is if the servers don’t get shut off in 10 years.

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