EA Games give a FREE game for SimCity players after Server Disaster

EA Games offer FREE game after SimCity Disaster

SimCity released last Tuesday with a one huge taunting idea that was irking players. In order to play the game you must be connected to the internet at all times. While this idea isn’t new as Diablo 3 did it last year it isn’t the best idea to combat the piracy/modder community.

During SimCity’s launch owners of the title were greeted by server issues and were definitely not happy. Maxis games had created a masterpiece and everyone wanted to play the new Sim title. Apparently EA Games never got the memo as servers were at a minimum during the day of the launch.

SimCity Disaster

Gamers aren’t happy with the results of EA Games decision to have a game connected to the internet constantly and on top of that have server issues because of it. In order to help ease the tension between gamers and EA games the company has ceased marketing its new title and has even gone as far as to ask affiliates of the company to stop promoting it as well. An email has been sent to consumers who purchase SimCity before March 18th with an apology from EA along with a download for a game of their choice.  The game will be a digital title and there is no word on when you must redeem the voucher or which titles are available.

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