Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Gameplay Trailer and Screens

505 Games and Starbreeze Studios bring Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons to Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network and onto PC via Steam.  The game follows two sons of a father that is stricken by an illness.  In order to save him the brothers set out on an adventure to acquire the “Water of Life.”

The game looks and feels like an experience that Xbox Live Arcade and the PlayStation Network have been craving for.  With unique controls that allow gamers to control both brothers with the dual joysticks.  Interacting with towns people with different brothers will allow a different interaction with the NPC’s.  Enviroments include populated villages, lush forests, and rivers all with an art style all its own.

Be on the look out for Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons which comes out this spring.  To tide you over we have some screenshots as well as a trailer to tide you over.

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