Far Cry 3 Patch fixes community requested issues

Ubisoft has confirmed a patch and fixes for Far Cry 3, the community has expressed its concerns and have been heard by Ubisoft themselves, Both the single player campaign and the multiplayer had some tweaks and updates due to gamer feedback. If the reasons for going back to Rook Island weren’t better now you better suit up gamers because tougher challenges await us and your going to need to be on your toes for all the things wanting to kill us.

–       Outposts reset: after the end of the game, players can choose to reset the liberated outposts to face the challenge to take them over again.
–       A new difficulty setting: Players who have completed the campaign can restart the adventure on MASTER difficulty, with more challenging enemies and dangerous wildlife.
–       New HUD/UK settings: allowing most on-screen information can be toggled on/off in the settings.

–       Map Beta Test: Players who upload a new map can now publish it as a beta test to monitor how it is played and improve it before releasing to other players.
–       Maps by author: Players will be able to search all the maps created by an author.
–       Idle kick: The feature that kicks out idle players during a MP match is removed from custom and private matches.
–       The Skip map voting system has been improved with more visibility and time to cast the vote

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