Call of Duty Facebook Page Prompts Ghost’s Return

*Modern Warfare 2 spoiler alert*

Today a Call of Duty MW3 Facebook page posted a photo prompting fans to join together to bring back fan favorite character, Ghost from Modern Warfare 2, to make his return to the Call of Duty series. With the recent announcement that Call of Duty will again be releasing this year most likely following that of the Modern Warfare story in some way this would be big news.

Ghost was a favorite in Modern Warfare 2 but had unfortunately been written out of the series by a traumatic death. Since that moment players have wondered if there was a way that the character could still possibly be alive. It seemed like dry hope that might not be so dry if fans join together to bring him back. Today the page posted a photo of the fallen hero stating, “Like if you want Ghost to come back….”

If you would like to see this character return then show your support by liking the recently posted picture of Ghost on this Call of Duty MW3 Facebook page and hopefully our voice will be heard!


Note: The original post has been edited after realization that there was misinterpretation from our source. The post no longer contains any misleading information. Apologies for any confusion.

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