7 Reasons Why 2013 is Going to be a Great Year for PlayStation

Upon the PS4 announcement that took place on February 20th, fans around the world knew that 2013 was going to be a big year for Sony. Sony is setting the stage on what to expect from next-gen hardware with their PS4 and they are doing a great job of that. Even before the announcement of the upcoming PS4 gamers knew that 2013 was going to be a huge year for Sony. With hot exclusive titles, information about Vita pricing and the announcement of their newest console; Sony seems nearly unstoppable.

So what are all the reasons that we think the year of 2013 is going to be possibly PlayStations best year ever?


PS4 Controller

Let’s get the obvious out of the way first, the PS4. Like stated above, February 20th was one of the most important days in the gaming industry for quite a while. The announcement of the PS4 revealed an awesome new controller with specs that were out of this world. The X86 8-CORE CPU, 8gb of GDDR5 RAM, A Whole Hard Drive and Engaged PC GPU were things that some gamers would have never imagined being accessible on their favorite home console. The PS4 proved to be a very impressive display and with the shocking and seemingly rushed release of Holiday season 2013; this is one of the main contributing factors on why 2013 will be a huge year for PlayStation as a brand.

Beyond: Two Souls

Beyond: Two Souls

Beyond: Two Souls will probably be one of the last great looking games that is said to be made exclusively for the PS3. As of now, this game has its sights set on an October 8th release date which most likely places it before the predicted release of the PS4. Although, the information is not 100 percent solid, the game will most likely be releasing on both the PS3 and PS4 because of its clever placement in release date. Either way if you do not plan on buying a PS4 this game has been confirmed to be available to you. Development team, Quantic Dream, has done nothing but impress gamers with their previous PlayStation exclusive, Heavy Rain, and nothing less is expected of them with Beyond: Two Souls. The spiritual, psychological, thriller game has already caught a world of attention. As its release date draws nearer the anticipation will only go up.

PS Vita Price Cut

PS Vita

Everyone has been waiting for the Vita to stop attempting to burn a whole in wallets. Earlier this year in an online Sony event it was announced that both the WiFi and the 3G models of the PS Vita would undergo a price cut in Japan. The price cut was set at 19,980 yen which was around 20 percent through 1/3 (depending on the model) of the hand held’s original price. Being the most powerful handheld system out there, hadn’t been enough for Sony to pick up on the much needed sales so the price cut was meant to improve their sale numbers. This was great new for the gamers in Japan but now it’s time for that price drop to hit the West. Although it is still unclear weather of not the West will be receiving a price cut anytime soon, it could be assumed that the news of a price cut anywhere is good news. With the news of a price cut for everyone unclear we might be able to expect Sony to lower the price of the PS Vita at some point this year. News such as this would only help the company dominate the handheld gaming market so we are hopping the rumors are true because it would add to PlayStations great year.

The Last of Us

THe Last of Us

Naughty Dog is preparing to wow fans with another AAA hit this June called, The Last of Us. This survival horror/ action adventure game features dramatics centered on protagonist Joel and his young friend Ellie. The dueo of a pair like these in a video game is rare, their relationship with one another seeming real. The story that these two connecting characters are placed in is impressive because although it is fictional it still somewhat seems believable because of how the characters react to the events around them. The Last of Us has been anticipated since its 2011 announcement and 2013 finally marks the year players around the world will get their hands on the game. This game alone could probably be considered one of PlayStation’s most anticipated games and will probably be one of those games that makes such a good impression on players that it becomes a sort of instant classic as well as a contender to get a sequel right from the start.

Share Button

PS4 Share

Although the PS4 was already part of our list, it would be a crime not to add some of the new features for the console as reasons why 2013 will be a great year for Sony. The controller shown at the press conference was one that had so many new options like a share button and a touch screen. Our main focus is that share button. As in current- gen Sony took a back seat to Microsoft in terms of social gaming, in next- gen Sony is proving that it is ready to take the wheel with these aspects. The PS4 will offer live streams of games that you are playing which is something that players are beginning to grasp hold of and love. Another thing people have always wanted to do and have figured out expensive time consuming ways of doing is recording them playing a game. With the PS4 there is one button that could help you do all of that on your favorite social networking sites. This is going to be one of the most amazing features on the PS4 and a great reason to add that PS4 is on top of its game this year.

Reveal of PS4 Console

PS4 Console Reveal

At the press conference that confirmed the PS4 the console wasn’t shown. Even though that is not much of a problem for most people it still is a thing to take note of. The year of 2013 will mark the year that we get to see what the next-gen PlayStation looks like. It can probably be expected to be shown of at gaming’s largest trade show, the Electronic Entertainment Expo, but even still seeing what the thing looks like will keep players heart’s pumping quickly. Even if the look of the console has nothing to do with the way it is already confirmed to run, it is still believed to be important and still believed to be an excitement centered around PlayStation in the year of 2013.

E3 Secrets

PS4  E3 2013

To follow up on the note of getting to see the actual console this year, most likely at E3, we needed not to forget to make note about the secrets that players don’t even know about that most likely awaits them. Even with the very impressive press conference that has already past, E3 will be a place where Sony houses another press conference. It can be assumed that more than just the reveal of what the PS4 console looks like will be present at this conference. We are expecting to hear reveal of more exciting features, more exclusive games and of course more surprises. So although there are many reasons to believe that 2013 will be a huge year for Sony with the PlayStation brand we must remember that the company is still hiding things from us and that there will be more things set in store for PS3 and PS4 in the year of 2013.

This marks a year that is exciting for the industry as a whole. 2013 is a great year for video games. What are you most excited for this year in terms of gaming? Is there anything you hope to be revealed at E3? Let us know your thoughts in the comment box below.

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