5 Xbox Exclusive Games that Could Help the Next-Gen Xbox Conquer

As the announcement of the next-gen Xbox is surly on its way, players are beginning to wonder what Microsoft can do to hold its own with the impressive PS4 announcement. It has been established and made clear by Microsoft’s top competitor that gamers want games so the only thing that Microsoft can really do is produce exclusive games that will catch equally to more attention to than what Sony has and will present. As long as Xbox can put the Kinect aside and listen to a hardcore gaming audience as the PS4 has, they will have a chance in wowing players with exclusive games.

Microsoft has the rights to a lot of great potential releases. If their minds are set in the right place exclusives like these could change the course of what console gamers will by during the raging next-gen console battle. It come down to the matter on if Microsoft will care to play their cards right or if their focus will remain in unwanted areas. The top 5 list of games we hope will be announced to pick up some exclusive attention for the next-gen Xbox are listed below!

Banjo Kazooie 3

Banjo Kazooie

Rare is a major asset to Microsoft as a company and yet with their 100 perfect right to some of the most beloved series in the gaming industry they haven’t used what they own to its full potential. The release of Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts exclusively for the Xbox 360 was hardly worth calling one of Rare’s installments to the Banjo Kazooie series. If Microsoft were to open the show with a classic looking and feeling game like what should have followed Banjo Tooie fans would be far past excited. This is an asset that Microsoft can use to great advantages if they wished. Take Rare off of Kinect games and put them with something familiar that will be something that every fan wants to play. A sequel to Banjo Tooie in a classic but new experience would knock players off their feet.

Fable 4

Fable 4

Before jokes about Fable: The Journey start flying, let’s not forget how good previous Fable games were. Although the series took a step in the wrong direction it would be a pleasant surprise to see what would happen if they took a game like this and made it seem fresh. Improved graphics, better story and a lot of game play is exactly what players what from a game like Fable. It is games like these that tend to show the beauty of games off the best so it would be a perfect way to show off graphical capabilities of the next Xbox. Fable 4 would grab some serious attention if they were to do the game right. Think about great character customization with the online aspects they were offering before but improved and it would be a great selling point. Also a word of advice regarding a next Fable game is the fact that it is wonderful to physically see your character grow thought the game but please don’t change my girl into a she-man next time!

Halo 2 HD Remake

Halo 2

This is a game that every player wants. Halo is a founding series for Microsoft in the console market with Halo 2 being the fan favorite game in the franchise. They had previously come out with Halo: Combat Evolved which was a great remake of the first Halo but it is about time we see Master Chief back in his prime in a remake of Halo 2. This was the game that really set the stage for online gaming; it would undoubtedly catch on again with improvements to the experience to make things addictive to the players. For a game that gamers hold so near and dear to their hearts there would be no mistakes in making a HD remake of Halo 2. It would be cheap enough to so, offer some preorder exclusives, give players a reason to want to jump online with options like live steam to twitch and clan rankings available and the unity of Xbox Live would be back in full swing.

Conkers Bad Fur Day 2

Conkers Bad Fur Day 2

Is it that hard to know people wonder what happened the next time Conker had a bad day? This game was one of the funniest, most innocent looking games out there that was release almost in the form of a dirty piece of art. Gamers loved Conker and his attitude in the strangest adult circumstances that he could be thrown in. This is a game that had the perfect mix of imagination, along with the dirty jokes and gruesome killings kept players wanting to play more. Again, Rare is one of the best assets Microsoft has. If they use them correctly with games like Conkers Bad Fur Day 2 that would almost assure them a top spot in the next-gen console war under the assumption their hardware will closely compare to the PS4.

A Brand New Series

New Xbox series

One of the things Microsoft needs most for in the future is a brand new game series as a whole. Sony steps up when it comes to AAA exclusives and it’s about time Microsoft comes up with something new to knock players clear off their couches. With the right assets in their hand to use the next Xbox is going to have to bring it with creativity and exclusive titles. One of the best things Microsoft can do in a next-gen battle is to show off their new hardware with something that looks brand new and that looks compelling and interesting to the player. Bring a game that makes people want to buy the console just like the original Xbox was able to do with Halo!

7 Comments on 5 Xbox Exclusive Games that Could Help the Next-Gen Xbox Conquer

  1. Raaj Brench // March 6, 2013 at 4:10 pm // Reply

    Not sure if serious…

    Stop living in the past….They can “conquer” next gen by trying to get some new IPS that are exclusive to the Xbox rather than stringing on dead series.

    I would personally love to see an new exclusive IP with new characters and interactive game play with unique graphics.

    Games with strong character development and original stories are hard to come by these days, studio games anyways(there’s a few). Most games miss out emotion and atmosphere which in my opinion is the most important feature to a game, it helps you connect with the characters and surroundings which end up making decisions in games alot hard because you start to care about the consequences that might occur when you make different choices.

  2. That list doesn’t interest me at all. And isn’t that really four, not five?

  3. Rebel Scum // March 6, 2013 at 4:56 pm // Reply

    Microsofts lack of decent exclusives (and keeping them…ME!) is the reason why I’m going back to ol’ faithful Sony next gen.

    None of those choices I could care about. When people talk about Microsoft exclusives and mention Halo and Gears of War, I yawn. Not that Gears is mentioned in this top 4.

  4. Banjo Kazaooie looks like a cheap knock off of crash Bandicoot, and that won’t sell systems. Fable series isn’t an exclusive, ever heard of pc? Also why is that game so popular, you can’t die! Halo 2? First off, it’s on the PC already, and why would this be a system seller? I wanna beat the same game again, except this time it has better graphics! I don’t doubt it would sell, but I don’t see it being a system seller. Conkers wasn’t on the 360 or the xbox. Enough said. And a new series is the least creative thing you could possibly “think” of.

    • Except that Banjo Kazooie is nothing like Crash, and it would sell systems. It’s a treasured franchise. Fable is exclusive amongst consoles. Everyone would love Halo 2 HD. And a Conker remake was ported to the Xbox sir.

  5. Banjo Kazooie is much better than Crash ever was and Conker was definitely on the Original Xbox with Live and Reloaded.
    A graphical remake of Halo 2 will definitely be a system seller if the multiplayer is included as it was the last game people sustained when XBL for the Original Xbox shut down last year.
    First and foremost they need new IP and I’m definitely not going back to Sony next gen as they are a company of liars and cheaters.

  6. @Lt_dan

    Conker was released for the original Xbox under the title Conker: Live and reloaded.

    I’m gonna take a guess and say the reason MS haven’t been on the ball recently with new IPs is because they are saving them for the new Xbox.

    But as for system sellers I don’t think any of those would be “HUGE” system sellers, A new Banjo would make more sense later in the consoles life cycle when the install base is big enough to release an old IP.

    Halo may be popular but I would much prefer HD remakes of games from before the PS2 and Xbox era.

    The original Fable was great, However the sequels lost what made the first one great.

    I’ve been waiting for a new Conker game since MS bought Rare but unfortunately Rare have been taken in the wrong direction, Conker and Killer instinct are just 2 games from them that need to be brought back to life.

    I think the best way for MS to get the new Xbox back on track is to have the console be as open as possible Indie developers are the way of the future not every game has to be a AAA blockbuster game. And user generated content if done right could be a huge selling point for either console if they choose to adapt it.

    Sorry for the huge post just sharing my thoughts : )

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