Battle Block Theater set to preform a Closed Beta with a scripted Achievement List

Battle Block Theater

The Behemoth has made some great games in the past including: Alien Hominid and Castle Crashers.   They plan to continue their legacy with an all new game called Battle Block Theater. The game is set for release this spring and will take “couch co-op” to a whole new level.  We briefly played this title last year at SDCC and was able to interview Lead Level Designer Aaron JungJohann, follow this link for more on that interview.

The beta testing for Battle Block Theater has commenced and will see up to 10,000 gamers gain entrance.  Along with the closed beta testing The Behemoth has revealed that the game will have 30 achievements for players dedicated to the cause.  The full list of achievements for Battle Block Theater is below.  Be sure to check out the game when it is released for Xbox 360 later this spring!


Cast Member

Complete the story’s opening sequence in any mode.
5 points

Welcome to the stage! You’ll like it whether you like it or not.


Seasoned Performer

Complete the first four finales in any mode.
10 points

Four finales, twice as delicious.



Get an A++ in 10 levels.
15 points

You don’t have to be the best all of the time, but here’s proof that you were the best at least 10 times.


Solo Star
Get a letter grade in every level (except Encores) in Normal Solo Story Mode.
20 points

You didn’t miss a single performance and we think thats pretty amazing. Not like super amazing, but definitely the normal kind of amazing.


Co-op Star
Get a letter grade in every level (except Encores) in Normal Co-op Story Mode.
20 points

Your friendship is incredibly inspiring. You are still friends, right guys? Guys?


Insane Solo Star
Get a letter grade in every level (except Encores) in insane solo story mode.
30 points

We don’t even…how did you… wow. We hope your insanity isn’t contagious.


Insane Co-op Star
Get a letter grade in every level (except Encores) in insane co-op story mode.
30 points

Apparently it is. Seriously, only crazy people get along this well.


Crowd Pleaser
Complete all the Encores in any mode.
15 points

They like you, they REALLY like you! But they’d still like you more if you exploded.


Secret Hat Hunter
Collect 10 Golden Hats.
10 points

So what if your friend’s head is cold? No one can out-bling the guy with 10 golden top hats.


Hats Off
Get a letter grade in all eight finales in any mode.
20 points

You’ll get this even if you skip a level here and there. Man, we ain’t here to judge.


The Professional
Be on the winning team in 100 arena matches.
15 points

You should totally quit your day job.


All Around Joe
Be on the winning team in one arena match of every mode.
15 points

This achievement tells everyone that you’re the kind of Baller that wins the Gold after Challenging the King of Soul to a Horse Coloring contest. Whew.


Nailfile Cake
Free a fellow prisoner.
5 points

Hey, now they can go perform in deadly performances too! You are SUCH a good friend.


Black Marketeer
Get yourself a cool new weapon.
5 points

Cats aren’t big on taking orders, but they do accept bribes.


Jail Breaker
Free 50 prisoners in the Gift Shop.
10 points

Prisoners are like potato chips, just with a few more carbs.


Social Butterfly
Collect all the prisoners of one head shape.
15 points

Personally, I only see a point to the triangle ones. Eheh.


Freedom Hero
Free all the prisoners in the Gift Shop by unlocking or trading.
30 points

You loved them all, so you set them free. Besides, who needs incredibly valuable gems when you have… friends.


Armed and Dangerous
Collect all the weapons in the Gift Shop by unlocking or trading.
10 points

Its about what you have, not what you do with it.


First Time Trader
Make a trade with someone.
5 points

Warning: takesies-backsies are NOT guaranteed.


Global Trader
Trade online with ten different players.
10 points

You’ve made re-gifting into an art form.


Deadly Performer
Get 100 kills.
10 points

Some places, they would call you a homicidal maniac for killing 100 performers. Here, we call you an achiever.


Chicken Toucher
Play with the Behemoth or someone with this achievement in an online game.
10 points

You’ve caught what we’ve got. Yes, its contagious. Yes, you should probably see your doctor.


Melee Master
Successfully use every melee attack move.
15 points

Not everybody was kung-fu fighting. Just you and whoever else gets this achievement.


Weapons Master
Use each weapon successfully.
15 points

You have a frog, and you know how to use it. Not to mention a bunch of other things.


Theater Critic
Play and rate 10 user-created levels.
10 points

Maybe everyone’s a critic, but they don’t have the achievement to prove it.


Theater Manager
Download and host a game of user-created levels.
10 points

Show off your own levels or someone else’s. The work may be theirs, but the achievement will be all yours.


Secret Achievement
Continue playing to unlock this secret achievement.

Its a secret to everybody. OK, well, we know. But we’re not going to tell you! We will tell you that there are four of these secret achievements though. Happy playing!

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