Battlefield 3’s ‘End Game’ DLC Hits this Week

Battlefield 3 has had this impending; ostensibly last DLC, End Game, coming for a little while now. EA and DICE had done a lot of promotion for the much awaited DLC but word on release date had always been shaky. It has now been confirmed that the last little bit of Battlefield 3 DLC is indeed still coming and it might be available sooner than anyone expected.

The End Game DLC will begin to hit consoles March 04, 2013 which is actually tomorrow. Battlefield Blog has released information that the DLC will be released for PlayStation 3 Premium members first (tomorrow) and then will be making its way to PC and Xbox 360 players within the coming week on March 12th. The rest of the PlayStation 3 players not locked down with the Premium membership will be getting it on March 19th, just ahead of the un-Premium members of PC and Xbox 360 who will get it March 26th.

In the End Game DLC pack players will get to control new vehicles (motorbikes and dropships), get to play on four new seasonal based maps and will play through the return of capture the flag.

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